Friday, May 31, 2013

Parishes prep for active hurricane season
~Above: Hurricane track "spaghetti models" for Louisiana to date.

Evacu*spots (n)
~1. The official meeting places where anyone can go for a safe ride if the Mayor of New Orleans must call a mandatory evacuation. 2. The exact same places residents will have a ride back to once the City is safe and re-entry begins.

Letter to the Editor: Levee break due to man or nature?~"To blame the Corps for the flooding due to Hurricane Katrina does not seem warranted. It is more reasonable to conclude that New Orleans was flooded due to Hurricane Katrina, a natural disaster."

Exquisite Corps expects windfall landfall with post-Hurricane Sandy study of Atlantic coast

Some wonder whether it's legal to swim in Lake Pontchartrain ~WVUE

Dozens of backyards sinking into the Bonnabel Canal ~WWLTV

New Orleanians on Twitter invited to share what it’s like “Being NOLA” with the world ~Uptown Messenger

Where Y’Eat: A Pair of Pizzas Worth Some Facetime ~Ian McNulty, WWNO

New Orleans Oyster Festival! ~Scott Gold
~No fewer than 24 restaurants are taking part in this year’s fest, offering up a dizzying variety of oyster dishes and other treats, ranging from the requisite fried oyster po-boys to Borgne’s oyster amandine salad, BBQ oysters from Katie’s and Red Fish Grill, Drago’s famous charbroiled oysters, Oceana’s oyster Rockefeller po-boy, Cafe Reconcile’s bacon and tasso-crusted oysters, even an “oyster foie gras” from Elizabeth’s, and plenty more. Freshly shucked raw oysters will be on hand in abundance.

Second Second Line ~NOLA DEFENDERS

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