Thursday, September 19, 2013

Brees Hits Out at Goldson for Going After Saints ~Steven Babcock, NOLA DEFENDER

House Money ~moosedenied
~Well, shit. So much for Sean Payton's Revenge Tour.
The Saints are off to a second consecutive 0-2 start and it sure doesn't look like these guys have it in 'em to climb out of the early hole they've dug for themselves. Just our luck, right? The defensive retooling has so far exceeded even our most wildly optimistic expectations, but right on cue, our formerly historically-great offense has suddenly turned to complete dogshit. Because, of course. Drew Brees and Sean Payton both have their heads up their asses. Mark Ingram is useless. The offensive line has clearly fallen completely apart after the losses of load-bearing beams Aaron Kromer and Jermon Bushrod. Hope you weren't really expecting any kind of "bounce back season" this year, because all indications are that instead, it's time to get to work on the offensive rebuilding project. Who ya got, Jake Matthews or Johnny Football?
Wait, what the fuck? The Saints are 2-0? All alone in first place in the division? With the third highest cumulative margin of victory in the NFC? Bullshit! How is that even possible?
Hell if I know, but I'll take it. So what if the Saints have won two games they had no business winning? It's a hell of a lot better than losing two games they had no business losing. Am I right, Schiano?
I suppose it all comes down to which way you choose to look at it. Call it playing with fire if you like. I call it playing with house money.

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