Saturday, September 7, 2013

Outdoor Recreation and Transactional Activism ~Library Chronicles
~There's a place on the Parallel Internet you might run into called New Orleans Bum Fest.  It's a collection of photos and anecdotes cataloging, but also making sport of, the foibles of the homeless population of Jackson Square.  I believe it's curated by some of the artists who work down there.
There's some absurdist humor in the posts often coming at the expense of the transients, but just as often aimed at the tourists who swarm the square, or at the city in general.  There are occasions when the observational humor isn't so funny or becomes overly mean-spirited. I suspect there are multiple page administrators which would explain the variance in tone. And the random comments from other internet users don't help matters.  But, for the most part, Bumfest is plain old fashioned workplace angst blogging.  Its main purpose is observational humor put to work as a relief from the grind.

Stormwater plan to use water, not eliminate it ~Chad Caulder, N.O. Advocate

New research: Ancient bayous pull water from the Mississippi, creating ‘missing river’ ~Kari Harden, The Lens

Mark Cave Remembers Dave Dixon: The First Who Dat ~Sharon Litwin, WWNO

Louisiana holds weekend tax holiday for hunting gear ~WVUE

Shrimp Festival set for Sept. 13-15 in St. Bernard Parish ~WDSU

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