Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Get Thee Behind Me, YSFD ~moosedenied
~Have you ever witnessed an exorcism? I mean a real one, not the Bobby Jindal kind. If not, let me tell you, it's pretty fucked up.
I know this now, because it happened to me Sunday evening. Didn't even see it coming, it just kinda happened. And it was excruciating. I was fine before the game. Hell, I was fine at halftime. But shortly after that, it began. I couldn't see straight. I was unable to make sense of anything. I started to feel something chewing on my very soul. I could feel myself being completely taken over by some terrifying mix of crippling fear and blinding rage. I became completely powerless to stop myself from flailing wildly about and spewing an incessant stream of expletives as my friends repeatedly pleaded "What the fuck is wrong with you?!?" I think at some point they were convinced I was simultaneously having both an acute myocardial infarction and a complete mental breakdown. I was inconsolable. I couldn't be reasoned with. The demons had taken me by the testicles.

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