Monday, December 2, 2013

State Seeking Lawsuit Against Corps Over MRGO ~Jeremy Alford, LaPolitics
~Editilla Brotellas~ Jesus fork me and throw away the spoon. Mark my words, this is a feign by Koch Sucker Governorcist Jindal to give the O&G industry time to consolidate their political/legislature opposition to the SLFPA-E Lawsuit. Hard ball. They have no intention of prevailing on their suit against the Corps. No. Another go at MRGO will take DECADES. No, they only want time, and taxpayer money to finish off South Louisiana. Because, without land upon which to stand we will have no States Rights. Y'heard it here first, mark my words.
I'm stunned could imagine a trial-lawyers banquet at suing over would give our Koch Sucker Governorcist Bobby Jindal any leverage over our Garret Graves' hubris is unbound, but the hand of our Governorcist Jindal is truly in'da pocket.


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