Friday, January 24, 2014

Rejoice, rejoice! We have no choice… (Part 1) ~moosedenied~Welp. Welcome to another offseason, bitches. Might wanna grab yourself a drink and settle in for a while, because we're about to go all TL;DR on your asses. Even moreso than usual, that is.
WARNING: There will be math. Lots and lots of math. Lies, damn lies, advanced lies and statistics (both advanced and remedial.) We will also be pulling some things straight out of our asses and asking you to accept it as credible analysis. So while we eagerly await what are sure to be incredibly entertaining 2013 post-mortem pieces from our friends over at SaintsWin, AngryWhoDat and the Yellow Blog, let's try to get our money's worth out of that PFF subscription and see if we can't figure out just what the hell happened in 2013 and the manner in which we should carry on from here. Hope you brought your commemorative plain white towels, because we're also gonna go for a new record for longest moosedenied post ever. We're about to go Full Grantland up in this bitch! High five?

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