Saturday, March 8, 2014

 Lawsuit filed against oil and gas companies to face fierce opposition ~WWLTV
~Editilla Conswellas~ Won't make it to'da Water Festival today, more for health reasons than lack of wanting to be there. I'll admit it, Ladderellos, Mardi Gras Kicked My Ass! It took a couple'a days to rise up but up it came like a viscous hurricane crup yesterday. But I hope all involved with this fine event know my anonymocity does not speak of ambivalence. I'm work in the undergrowth, beneath even the underground, beneath the grassroots. Some of you who've followed me a while know what I'm talkin'bout. Ever since the Federal Flood of New Orleans 8-29-05 I'm wary of crowds. I don't like people who hurt Louisiana. I don't play fair. I don't really like to be seen, much less identified. But hahaha thank God fo'da Internets eh?

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