Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Let The Freak Show Begin ~Adrastos, First Draft ~I really didn't think that 4 term former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards (hereinafter EWE or just plain Edwin) would run for Congress. I even predicted a non-candidacy on social media. In the immortal words of Graham Parker "I thought I was right, I was wrong."
After EWE's announcement there was a lot of back and forth on NOLA twitter between the moralists who were outraged and horrified and those of us who view politics as entertainment with higher than average stakes. The moralists are concerned that EWE's candidacy will "hurt the state's image." Give me a fucking break, we have a creationism law, a Governor who performed an exorcism whilst in college and take a rapper with a silly name, Little Boosie, seriously.

Graves Grabs Architect of Duck-Fueled Upset ~Jeremy Alford. LaPolitics

Environmental activists allege coal terminal polluting river in lawsuit ~WWLTV

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