Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Report: 'Oil is not gone; impacts to wildlife ongoing’ ~Amy Wold, The Advocate
~Dying dolphins, bluefin tuna embryos with heart defects and hundreds of dead sea turtles washing ashore are proof the BP oil spill is still hurting and killing wildlife four years after the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, the National Wildlife Federation claims in a new report.
The report, “Four Years into the Gulf Oil Disaster: Still Waiting for Restoration,” includes a compilation of research so far about impacts of the oil disaster on 14 species around the Gulf of Mexico.

Prospect of oil/fracking well worries St. Tammany officials ~Faimon A. Roberts III
~The type of well Helis proposes would use hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, as a means of extracting the oil from the ground. In fracking, chemicals, water and sand are pumped into the ground to create fissures in the rock through which the oil or gas can be extracted. The process has been controversial as residents in some states have complained about effects on drinking water and other environmental impacts.
In this case, the well would puncture not just the top of the aquifer from which St. Tammany pulls its drinking water, but also the bottom, a fact that bothers Parish Councilman Jake Groby, in whose district the proposed drilling site lies.

Levee board lawyers offer to reduce fee to oil, gas defendants to settle lawsuit ~David Hammer, WWLTV
"The only conclusion by a trial judge in the state of Louisiana in the last 10 years, that I am aware of, that a lawsuit was frivolous was in LOGA's suit challenging the contract. It is nonsense for Senator Adley to use that line over and over that there's something illegal or untoward about those contracts." ~Gladstone Jones, lead attorney for the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East

Newcomb Blvd. fence to come down after commission vote ~Robert Morris, Uptown Messenger

Minister Chance said Republican Vince "Tongue" McAllister’s District Office manager leaked the video

Legislators stall negotiations stall on issue of giving them to relatives ~WDSU

The 38 Essential New Orleans Restaurants ~Gwendolyn Knapp, Eater

Crescent City Homebrewer's Flea Market and Pig Roast ~Beer Buddha

French Quarter Feast ~NOLA DEFENDER

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