Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The New New Orleans, Part 2 ~Gambit

Gas-Charged Earthquakes Linked to Mysterious Louisiana Sinkhole ~Charles Q. Choi, Live Science

Louisiana Oil Train Details Kept Secret ~WWNO

Property owners to discuss short-term rentals at Tuesday meeting ~WVUE

Esplanade bar, neighbor Sidney Torres IV spar over volume of music ~Jeff Adelson, New Orleans Advocate

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Drake Toulouse said...

Those short term rentals are bad fucking news. Out here in San Francisco where rents are sky, sky-high in part because of such high occupancy rates, many landlords have been keeping apartments off the market and doing short term rentals through Airbnb which makes them a great deal of money but only contributes to the unliveability of this city through decreased housing stock and a way of circumventing rent control. Not only that, but it further contributes to already eroding neighborhood bonds and community through absence of long term tenants while often making life hell for the neighbors of these airbnb apartments that often become party central. It's an ugly fucking mess.