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Thank you New Orleans Daily Photo

Richard Baker to leave Congress for lucrative lobbying position

Disaster rebuilder faces storm of its own~Company distorts achievements to inflate stock price, letter says

Trailer residents plan next move

Chris Rose: Clueless in Seattle

Gray Ghost goes gonzo on graffiti
Editor quotes~
Robert Mendoza, New Orleans Public Works Department director: “It’s not legal for him to paint signs, no more legal than graffiti.”
NOPD spokesman Sgt. Joe Narcisse: "He’s not doing anything that we aren’t asking him to do.”
Editor warns~This corksucking icehole psychopath is armed, teched and fetched--and will not hesitate to show his piece to anyone attempting themselves to practice free speech on a public street or sidewalk. Do Not approach him alone or without witnesses or without video. Do Not call the NOPD. Do Not attempt to stand in front of the offending art or attempt to pour his gray paint over his head. Please Do however engage Fred in conversation, shell games, majic tricks, bellydancing, vagina monologue, reading of the US Constitution and follow him down the street with whatever theater floats one's boat. He reeeally hates light bulb jokes and takes on a particularly bent tick when asked about failing all those Rorschach Tests in elementary school.

Report: New Orleans population growth slowing

Report calls for greater visibility online

Baby trees given away for Arbor Day

Indy driver to lead list of celebrities for New Orleans Carnival parade

Notes from New Orleans: A New Vision for B.W. Cooper~Walter Gallas

Quarter parking rule set to kick in

Editor ya'whimzicates~Don't let the street sweepers catch you on the Camino Real!

Exqixotic Corps
Testing pumps at three outfall canals, still lack adequate water levels
~CA-Mayor: New Flood Map Could Stop Natomas Growth~"I don't think this is fair. I don't think this is logical," fumed Sacramento Mayor Heather Fargo at a hastily called press conference. "To cripple us economically in the process (of improving flood control) is absolutely dumb. I am very frustrated and very angry with the Army Corps of Engineers and FEMA because Sacramento has really become the poster child of what to do right in flood protection."
~Levee Report Shocks City: Feds Plan Tough Restrictions
~PA-Levee checks to get costly
~WA-County Leaders Say State and Feds Need Clarity
~AR-3 congressional reps object to Corps' misplaced blame for cuts at lakes
~TX-City grants access to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to survey land for border fence

~VA-Huntington Residents Want Flood Protection~WAMU 88.5 American University Radio, NPR~January 16, 2008 - After major flooding in a northern Virginia neighborhood in 2006, residents are looking to local and federal officials to keep that flooding from happening again. Residents of the Huntington neighborhood in Fairfax County have been waiting for authorities to figure out how to keep the waters of nearby Cameron Run within its banks and out of their basements. But after listening to officials from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the county talk about the costs and benefits of building a levee or dredging the waterway or both, some people mocked the proposals as insufficient. But the Corps of Engineers, the consultant on the project, defended its ideas as still very much in progress. County Supervisor Gerry Hyland reminded the audience that it's up to the full Board to decide what option to take. He also leaned on the residents to do more than complain. Hyland is promising residents more interim meetings so they can get more involved.
Rosiland Jordan reports...
~Tell The Bush Administration To Protect Our Streams And Wetlands~The Good Human

Young artists earn trip to New Orleans, creative furniture work wins Berkeley group ticket to art and culture tour
Editor congrooviates~Oh Blessed Lady of Prompt Ya Ya! Y'all, we gotta' snag these Young Bloods, welcome them back home!

York's St. George's Episcopal Church to make mission trip to New Orleans

New Orleans Program to Mark King Holiday by Renovating Schools

An explanation for the emergence of Jazz (1956)~Theory of Music

Blind Boys Of Alabama Mark Mardi Gras With Release Of New Album 'Down In New Orleans'

Jeff Albert~What the Quark?

We Got A Party~Thank


Show Us Your Flag!

Who Will Save Your Soul?

Tipitina’s to make things easier for BR musicians

Dr. John Signs With Savoy

A Bit of the Yin & Yang of Life in the Crescent City~The Independent Ear

Read 'em & meet
~Shelf life

Joshua Clark among National Book Critics Circle award finalists

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