Saturday, January 19, 2008


KdM Parade Theme: Mishigas Wards off the Evil Eye
Krewe du Mishigas rolls today with Krewe du Vieux Magical Misery Tour

Krewe of B.L.O.G. Coming to Take You Away

Space is the Place~Toulouse Street

Red Against Blue~Poetry Before Breakfast
The small azalea, potted
on my porch, draped
in wilted clippings ripped
from neighbors nearly killed
by that frost insists
on budding, perhaps mourning
the red ribbon removed
on Twelfth Night. Bloom
I whisper and chase
these winter blues away.

Alright! As Toulouse Street put yer oh'so humble errant editor onto this poetry fix sometime in the passed night...and since I can't be there wit'y'all fo'da parade today (sniff) here'yaz one of my babies...chere'yat bourgeois nievete!
Suite Marigny
I can smell jazmine
covering this morning
like a wide cotten bed sheet
of white class lace.
And I taste her breath of coffee
and cigarettes and MaryJane
and Bloody Mary coughing
on the banquette by the gate
~of this courtyard in the Marigny.
I lay me down my soul to sleep.
But the Heat won't let me.
so I lie...awake
and dream...

...of a dog park, well, a bald green lot
with two trees beside the coffee warehouse.
You can see the bags loading in off the docks.
You can feel it on your skin when they roast it up.
There the people gather with their very best friends
and drink in the shade and talk with the wind
while this flat bywater sunrise finds them
laying down
their entire lives.
~There was a time
when all these houses built from barge wood
gave strong men right lively hood
as they flooded in from the river.

You may know the sounds of unbroken belief
with a bucket of seed and the pigeons beside you
as you slide down the wet stones of the street
to a little cafe' named for the goddess of flowers.
There the Eight Ball lines up with a Lucky 13
and Snake Eyes and Diamonds and Demons in Chains
and the Angel waits for St. Ann to begin
with her mask made of sorrow
and her laugh made of sin.
~So when I die
do please carry me down Royal Street
with a brass band and a second line beat
by the courtyards in the Marigny
I lay me down
my soul to sleep

CIA Admits Cyberattacks Blacked Out Cities
Wow...Spooks in New Orleans! Who'da thought? Butt Oy'Boy, do we know about blacked-out cities. Weeeeelllll, if there was ever any body left to ask, these cats must know what'de's talkin'bout, huh? Really. Ya'Tink? But what to do when tourist attacks White-Out a Black City?
Editor hopes that they all got along well enough with our own...ah, spooks & irreal-life ghost-whisperers, here in the newest necropolis to rise from the ashes of our still proud & haunted city.

Insurer asks to be taken off suit

Policy breaks on way for La. homes

O'Keefe pension diverted, U.S. says

Baroni might face 21 months in jail

Morial friend pleads to tax count

House judiciary panel's chief has own legal issues

Library bid could be invalid

New principal sparks turnaround at Lafayette Academy~"One of my first-graders ran up to me like, 'Ms. Stoner, there's a white man in the room. Who is that?' "

Louisiana Rep. Baker Submits Short & Sweet Letters of Resignation

da'DA all paid up, sort of, in bias trial

80 pounds of pot found in car in Reserve~DOH!!!
The Infamous Reserve Stash? Ouch! Or was the car actually found in Reverse? Arrrggghh!

MS~State of State Address Monday Night

Meeting set on future of school

Exquixotic Corps
~Corps Gonna' Pump You Up Beaches

~Engineers to assess Kenner floodwall
~Border landowners sued by U.S. for fence study access
~Because you asked

TC students head back to New Orleans

Just when you think it can't get any better it is...New Orleans Daily Photo

FatTuesday.Com Provides Ultimate Resource for Mardi Gras Enthusiasts

Thank You David Rutledge~Voice of New Orleans

Essence taps new festival producer

offBeat~Lifetime Achievement in Music: Wardell Quezergue~Cyril Neville Talks Back

When Will New Orleans Sing Again?~Karen Dalton-Beninato


The Tragic Life Of Donald Ayler~Heavy Sounds and the Abstract Truth

Indie Film News for Louisiana~Mr. Clio

BECA Call to Artists - due Feb 21~Alternative Arts New Orleans

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