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The Duck Stops Here!

New Orleans Keeping an Eye on 17th Street Levee
~Georgianne Nienaber

~The Corps subsequently sent an investigative team out to the site and determined that the flowing water from the three points were brackish, meaning they have a salt-water component and were definitely coming from the drainage canal.
Smack'down Cartoonist~
Editillero Michael Dibari

~Sandy Rosenthal of and Randall Cephus, Press Officer for the N.O. USACE (PONOUSACE). PO Cephus came out to the levee at our request to take some more photos of the bubbling water, which appeared to have increased in flow since Sun/22nd.

AP Photo/Bill Haber
~The same leak under the 17th Street Canal levee,
May 20th.
~Doubled by May 26th~
~Outside engineering experts studying the project told AP that the type of seepage spotted at this levee afflicts the city's other levees too, and could cause some of them to collapse during a storm.

~Editilla paz Editillero:
~Georianne Nienaber~for jumping on this story and carrying it so far so fast: exactly 30 days since I stuck my hands in this leak on May 26th, Memorial Day. HA! She Rocked it and Socked it and took it to the Bank as you can see. So, Gentle'rillas, please give this woman a hand. Follow herstories of da'rare mon'chere.

Editilla wanna Breach Blanket Party!
~complete with little Plastic Buckets and Shovels, inflatable pool chairs and da'chillrens making mudpies...and oh yeah--BINGO!

Call me crazy...but, seems our dynamic duo Supaheros,
Ace Trench Reporter Nienaber
and Levees Commandette Rosenthal,
may well have come along just in'da nick 0f time, eh?
Emergency sirens went off a little after 5:30 a.m. this morning signaling that the Pin Oak levee that sand baggers had fought so long to save had breached.
Pin Oak levee breached

~appx: 1100 Miles from Leak
at the 17th Street Canal Levee.

New 'slides' and sandboils confound floo'fighters

Flooding Continues in MO

Midwestern downpours keep residents out of homes

Magazine says 10 pieces of U.S. infrastructure need fixing right now

Corps of Engineers halts work on Wolf Creek dam

What to do with all the sandbags?
~In this June 17, AP file photo, Mike Brewer works on securing the levee along the Mississippi River in Clarksville, Mo.
As the waters finally begin to recede across the Midwest, dozens of flooded-out towns must now decide what to do with the millions of soggy, smelly sandbags that were painstakingly filled and stacked against nature.
The short answer for most towns:
The sandbags will remain in place for now, just in case.

Fundraiser for Katrina now fundraising for Iowa city
~"A lot of the time when people want to help in a situation like this, they are really reliving their own experiences," Scheetz said. "In [Barthe's] case, he knew because he had been through something very devastating himself."

Pawprints of Katrina:
Pets Saved and Lessons Learned

Woman, dog rescue each other
~Hurricane Katrina canine finds Cortez home, trains to work as psychiatric service dog

Donations for Midwest Floods Reach $16.3-Million

Jeffersons are movin' on down ~The New Orleans Levee

Vitter, you gotta be shitting us

Breaking: Scruggs Gets 5 Years and a $250K Fine (Updated) ~slabbed

Sale of disaster bonds seen slowing, for now

Helping rebuild New Orleans
~Volunteers coming for a week and staying for a lifetime.

Making Old Bikes New for Post-Katrina New Orleans

Political-Science Association Sticks to Plan for New Orleans Convention in 2012

West Bank Weekend Events

A picture's worth a thousand words~Did We Survive Katrina or Not?

Creole Beat~Toulouse Street

Warren Haynes Presents


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