Monday, July 21, 2008


thank you, Masqued E'vinja

Congress Checks Conditions In New Orleans, then on to Ms Gulf
~Gulf South Free Press

Louisiana Delegation Absolutely Clueless when asked about 8/29 Commission~slabbed
~Congressman Melancon~D-La, (202) 225-4031
--who requested the 8/29 Investigation--
yesterday received an apparently Trick Question:
"What is the status of the 8/29 Investigation?"
Melancon answers with his own question:
"What is the 8/29 Investigation?"
This of course means that this legislation is
Goddamn you, Melancon, you lying backstabber!
Editilla is a little too pissed off to comment here.

"What's 8/29 investigation?"
~Your Right Hand Thief

Delegation struck by lingering N.O. need

Contract issue blocks cottages

New Orleans Hospitals Face Continuing Losses

Proposal: A Tricentennial Tower Along New Orleans' Lakefront

Mold found in 8 of 11 FEMA-provided mobile homes
INDIANAPOLIS - A state health official who inspected 11 FEMA-provided mobile homes sheltering Indiana flood victims found mold on eight of those units, leading crews to replace problematic access panels on all the homes.

Flood victims waiting for FEMA trailers~Oakville, IOWA-- Inspectors say they found mold in nearly two hundred trailers FEMA provided to eastern Iowa flood victims. Mold in mobile homes can be removed but Iowa Lieutenant Governor Patty Judge says she wants the trailers, sent here from Alabama, removed. Hat T'n'T~PJ

National Conference of State Legislatures opens in New Orleans this week

This is Our Lives, Now
~Our New Orleans Saints

Saints trade for Jeremy Shockey
~The New York Giants traded tight end Jeremy Shockey to New Orleans on Monday in exchange for the Saints' second- and fifth-round draft choices in 2009.

Volunteer grass-cutters still working in City Park

Alabama Power a big benefactor in hurricane recovery program

New Orleans~Eva Holland
Editilla would like to thank Ms. Holland for the Faulkner description of our Fair Maid, which you see now, hung'gloriously, upon da'Ladda.
Having grown up in The Delta, "that nuptial bed of love and grief", I find young Eva's interest in our culture quite gratifying, her dedication to its resurgence reassuring and her attraction to its capitol, New Orleans, downright...appetizing.


Ye Olde College Inn loses flavor with new approach
~Tom Fitzmorris

Matt Lemmler, with Leah Chase ~breath of life


oyster said...

"Congressman Melancon, who requested the 8/29 Investigation, did not even know what it was.

Editilla is a little too pissed off to comment here."

Truly outrageous and unbelievable. What a disgrace.

New Orleans Ladder said...

Soon-to-be-former Congressman Melancon.

Brian Hayes said...

Anybody else pinning hopes? Made me laugh good.

Made a post to your site too on voodoo v-voting technology reaching the Gulf States. Isn't so great, but fun too. [link]