Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Levee protection: Should Louisiana residents pay?
~S. Rosenthal

Sister Clare Cramer attends a rally in the Lakeview neighborhood of New Orleans on May 31, 2008. The rally, hosted by Levees.Org coincided with the eve of Hurricane Season.

Author John Barry will be featured speaker at RT3!
~Your Right Hand Thief

~Editilla chin'schillas~Way to go Rising Tide!
And is that the sharpest, Greg Peters poster ever? Well, there have been only 2 RTs so...
They all spankin'hot! Collect all 3!
And Let's Never Forget...this weekend!
FYYFF It’s Black and Gold Forever
Harry Shearer interviewed Barry on
Le Show Sunday and we have been listening to the itunes download over and over.
Editilla really hopes that this year's Rising Tide Conference will include more salient views from the other side of the Levees, to wit:
Real Engineering perspectives from
Robert Bea and/or Raymond Seed.
Given our
Congressional Delegation's dumbfounded ignorance of any alternative levee investigations,
given the Fact of Flowing Water Beneath the 17th Street Canal Levee Breach "Repair"
(which indeed, John Barry's own SLFPA-E has decided warrants Independent Investigation Now--apart from the
Exquixotic Corps bullshit faux buck'passing later) and given the USACE/ASCE continued practice of obfuscation and misdirection, groveling of PR Hacks named PO Cephus before us as if we were drug-addled school children, we need informed presentation,
real data. As well, may we hope to hear from Levees.org.

For Editilla, Life With Bad Levees Means Certain Death.
Lemme tol'yaz, that Is what it Is. Bad Levees=Death.
Alpha and Omega. To Be or Not to Be,
demandez pas
"To build safe levees or not is not rocket science.
It is geotechnic science."~S. Rosenthal
I have yet to find One Single Person---who was, as I, in New Orleans when the Corps' levees failed--who disagrees with me on this: Bad Levees=Death.
End of Story.

It would be a good thing too for this Conference to address ReInventing The Crescent, since the "Hip Cool" do not "Invent" anything, and Editilla has an oh'so humble suggestion there too...(jus'sayin:)
Joel Kotkin, author of "The City: A Global History".

More Media Coverage of the Congressional Visit Part II: Natalie Chandler on the Insurance Specifics~slabbed

Dams being Refreshed, McCain Should be Rebuked ~African American Opinion
~McCain's stance on the Water Resource Development Act in 2007 was and is preposterous.
It lacked real analysis of the problems that needed to be addressed. More than half of the infrastructure for waterways across the United States are functionally obsolete.

PHA Commission Considers About $10 Million in Environmental Improvements for Bayport Container Terminal

LA River Can't Be Navigated
~ms2 - the back yard of los angeles politics

New Orleans as a hub for social entrepreneurship innovation? ~do good well

The Weekend That Was
~Citizen K

Notes from New Orleans:
Jackson Barracks~Walter Gallas

Confessions of a Local Eater ~Sarah Andert

Satchmo, Cocktails, Culture, Food, Dance~Margarita Bergen

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