Tuesday, August 19, 2008


McCain visits New Orleans again to film Oil Rig Commercial, Jindal still 'Possessed' not VP
~Editilla tollin'yaz~
Da'Comernor has a little friend in his head!
Can't anyone else see this but me? In his eye? The left one? They way it ticks and flutters? Oh Fortuna! Are we all butt helpless before such Demonic Doh!monion?

McCain Wants To Announce VP On Anniversary Of Katrina? ~Daily Kos

A Look at European Insurance- Linked Securities and Cat Bonds
~Shelter from the Storm~Our retirement savings may soon rest on a bet against Mother Nature.
The reason? The rise of cat bonds. Short for “catastrophe bonds,” cat bonds transfer the financial risks that come with disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes from insurance companies to the broader capital markets. Bruised by the stormy global economy, investment managers are flocking to these bonds in a bid to diversify away from assets linked too closely with suffering market trends, such as mortgage-backed securities.
Even with climate scientists predicting more severe storms on the way, cat bonds are proving to be a gamble with plenty of willing takers. ~Further Reading

City looks for professional team to help with disasters

Master plan for schools unveiled

The Drive - a documentary in 3 parts about Katrina and the levee failure

GRITtv with Laura Flanders on Rebuilding New Orleans

First of many
'Make It Right' homes is nearing completion

Lab project poised to rise in N.O. Business, research to mix at biocenter

Pet Friendly Hurricane Advice and Shelters to Prevent Another Katrina Tragedy

This team is no trip to 1992 (yet)
~Our New Orleans Saints

Saints and state could have long- term deal by the end of this year

PJ's Coffee of New Orleans Celebrates 30 Years

Tom Piazza "City of Refuge"
~Largehearted Boy

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