Wednesday, August 20, 2008


~Note from da'Breach~
Dear all,
I am hoping to meet a lot of you this weekend at Rising Tide III

On Saturday, I will present a sneak preview of's brand new eye-popping video:

The Katrina Myth; the truth about a thoroughly unnatural disaster.

This hard-hitting 10-minute documentary produced for by FoodMusicJustice dispels a lot of the harmful myths that are slowing the metro New Orleans recovery.

I also will share some things that tried that were very effective in growing our member- ship, and we hope they could work for you, too.

But most important, I cannot wait to meet the people who have been so critical to the recovery and to the strength of this city!

Again, I hope to see you there!

Sandy Rosenthal~Director

PS Update~Please also come see to the one-night only
New Orleans Premiere of America Betrayed.
Yours truly is featured in the 90 minute documentary as well as my colleague HJ Bosworth Jr. PE

August 27, 2008
7pm -8:30 p

Q&A afterward with the filmmaker
Landmark Theater in One Canal Place

More about America Betrayed:
The film, produced by Eclipse Entertainment and filmmaker Leslie Cardé places the spotlight front and center on the specific ways our government contributes to and profits from disasters both here and abroad…from the way it shields itself from blame when all roads point to their culpability, to the friends in high places in corporate America who continue to benefit from the very disasters that leave the rest of us reeling.

I hope you can come!

NM Residents Question Unspent Flooding Funds~So why hasn't the money been spent yet? Otero County said it's waiting on the Army Corp of Engineers.
~Editilla probla raza~ Gotta'Ladda???
Then don't hold'ya breath when da'levee breaks -again!
Just send little Otero over heah. We Chickens fulla Corn!
Have we gotta piñata
fo'you! Wit'a lil'lagniappe too!
Surly we can give them a few Million Dollars laying around, perhaps stuffed inside like newsprint from our own levee repairs, some'ting from that $36,250,000
we also got appropriated, and handed to ASCECORPS

--just to look at their failed levees--not 3 years ago?
Where's the Goddamn Money?
But then again, our levees still badly leak... sooo maybe we don'wanna call these creepo gangstas after all, huh?
Why tug on Superman's cape, spit in the wind,
thump the balls of da'Old Rabid Weasel...???
Since we have seen NOTHING from ASCECORPS but Ethics Questions, Obfuscation and
Misdirection on this Noble Project, maybe they can come up off some'dat Chump Change (or at least Cash Reciepts?) (Something?) (Anything?) for the Tiny Tax Payers who survive at the mercy of ASCECORPS flood control systems in other parts of the country? Jus'axin...

Price Tag Grows For Fort Worth Trinity ProjectLocal Press

Fay Floods Hundreds Of Florida Homes

Protesters call for Shell to pay La. $362 M ~Mark Schleifstein

First Allianz cat bond for US hurricanes

County Level Cat Bonds Offered

Cat Bond Pricing Machinery

Mo'Fo'da slabbers on Cat Bonds~4H/T-KungFu @ Addictomatic

McCain Comes Out Against a Federal Multi Peril Solution: Slabbers Everywhere Unite for Obama!
Editilla wants to wish His Icehole McSameness a Bilious'n'Boobafull Happy Forking Birthday this 8/29! Gentle'rillas please join in pun'ishment as we sing
The Birthday Dirge and we tribute La Ganse de Vicodin!
Sin, Corruption, and Dispair...
Death and Dying Everywhere...
HaPPy Birrthday! Oh HaPPy Biiirrrthday!
Katrina plus three:
'Hopeful progress'~Mark Silva

~At Jackson Barracks in New Orleans, erected by President Andrew Jackson in 1835 to protect the city of New Orleans, Monkey Boy George Bushmook will deliver an anniversary address touting "hopeful signs of progress'' in the rebuilding of the city, despite the fact that "Old Hickory" would have whipped this Rich'boy Monarch'Maniacle bully back'stabbin Smirky Neocoward's Ass Up and Down those very parade grounds and make his daddy like it!
"Three years ago, this facility was completely flooded and every building was damaged or destroyed,'' the president plans to say, (with typical Gall-encrusted Hubris) according to an advance text of his remarks released by the White House. "Today, Jackson Barracks is a growing center of community and economic activity in the heart of the Lower Ninth Ward.

The Bricks: The Battle for Public Housing in New Orleans
~Grittv with Laura Flanders

Guest blog: “The prejudice engine: or, Notes on bias in New Orleans"~Kevin Allman
~Editilla Crowillas~
Y'all make sure to catch all of these hot properties at the
Rising Tide III NOLA Blogging Conference this weekend. Kick it off wit'da Buffa's ParTay Friday Night!

Citizen K: Evermore Vigilant

Hey, Fred, thanks
~Alison Fensterstock

Giving Shelter: Students Scramble to Design and Construct a New Orleans House
~The Sundance Channel’s six-part series “Architecture School,” which starts Wednesday, offers a window into the real-world pressures of becoming an architect and realizing a design.
The program even has elements of suspense:
Will one of these young aspiring architects at Tulane University be able to come up with a workable scheme for a single-family house in the Central City neighborhood of New Orleans, still recovering from Katrina? Which design will be chosen?
Will the students finish constructing the house on time?
Will the wary locals come around to accepting a contemporary structure amid their traditional shotgun-house aesthetic?

The Road, Home
~Noah Bonaparte Pais

It comes as a bit of a surprise
(to people whose maps are all upside-down) to learn that a popular pastime in New Orleans is the hurricane party.

~In our quest for the eccentric, we searched for Ernie K-Doe's Mother-In-Law Lounge. We found it under a freeway flyover at 1500 North Claiborne, dully-lit amid its silent black hulking neighbors, grass tufting through the sidewalk cracks. I pressed the buzzer and a little old lady answered the door. "Are you open?" I asked.
"No, I'm Antoinette," she replied.


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