Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mardi --Flags Up!

Recovery Signposts
Editilla notellas~My brain just t'rows da'link! Please try again.
~Thank you Gambit, More Soup For You!~
~Editillero Award for "best of" watching our backs!
Doubtless a tall order, coming through wit'da sub'emergent Nola blog'0'reamery vigilatin da'scene. However, Gambit has been swinging a file' pounder for a long time in this gumbo we call...
Our Fabulous New Orleans.
And since the flood, Ace Editor DuBos has marshaled quite a squad of young and vapid editeurilla to carry da'Word, da'Spice. They swingin'da ax, stirrin'da pot,
thickenin'da plot!

Coast Guarding~Mollie Day
~On July 23, more than 20 state lawmakers from across the country gathered in Louisiana to listen to Louisiana's coastal wetlands czar, Garret Graves, chair of the state's Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority. "Take this message home: This is a nationally significant issue," Graves said. "You should care about it because of energy, maritime, agriculture, seafood and money."

Katrina, PTSD Not Over For Louisiana, Mississippi ~Louisiana 1976

Gloves are off in on-air fight

First Draft Covers the Democratic Convention
~Crack Van Alive'bloggin Nola'Gonzos!

10 million net jobs created during Jimmy Carter's term ~Oyster Singing @ First Draft

Gulf Coast FEMA Trailer & Young Survivors in Denver too

The 'Nigga' in New Orleans ~Daily Kos

Hurricane recovery confronts low literacy rate

The Katrina Pain Index: New Orleans Three Years Later
~Bill Quigley for Facing South

Louisiana Business ~Bayou Buzz
~Shaw Group, Westinghouse, Worforce Commission, Fitch Ratings, Katrina Event

'Katrina fatigue' slowing aid, foundation reports

Craft brewers to strut their stuff at Slow Food expo

NOMA: Community Events

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