Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mercredi ~Flags Up!

Gustav forecasts to be Cat. 3 Hurricane in Gulf Saturday

Officials may evacuate
New Orleans as storm nears

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Gustav has state on alert ~Mark Schleifstein

Mayor Ray Nagin leaving Democratic Convention to return to New Orleans --DAMN!

Gov. Bobby Jindal declares pre-storm state of emergency

Independent America:
Rising from Ruins

~Shot in full high-definition digital video, Rising from Ruins will have its worldwide premiere as part of “New Orleans Speaks: We Are the Ones We’ve Been Waiting for,” a daylong conference sponsored by The New Orleans Institute. Press Release.

Local filmmakers capture the people helping to rebuild
New Orleans

~The filmmakers focused on the attempts of Seattle volunteers who went to Louisiana to help rebuild the devastated city, concentrating on the attempts by Mercer Island organizer Jack vanHartesvelt to put a ruined Catholic church back together again.

A banana republic?
That's nuts ~Lolis Eric Elie

The Katrina Effect: Politics After the Storm ~Jackson Free Press

The Base Hillary Didn't Touch ~Harry Shearer

New Orleans superintendent Paul Vallas occupies spotlight

Scruggses file motion to strike arguments and exhibits in State Farm’s reply ~slabbed


Army Corps Response Letter

Court says Army Corps can sue Southern Scrap

HUD pours millions into Lafitte ~Katy Reckdahl

Jewish New Orleans undergoing dramatic transformation

Preserving The Modernist Schools of New Orleans
~Life Wityhout Buildings

~New Orleans Still Struggles In Song ~Village Voice

Announcing Earl "Washboard" Sally's First CD!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for picking up my State Farm post. The buzzards have been busy and I've got two to get ready to go!

New Orleans Ladder said...

Yer Most Welcome, Doit. I never thought I'd find such material more interesting than the exploits of the Forrester Family on my faborite story, Bold and da'Boob'a'full. But there it is as you hang them out in living color: today is green but what will tomorrow bring?

Doubtless hurricanes have a way of making that stuff moot, eh? Hence, Editilla walks amongst'yaz fo'da Anniversary. I am her'ah in'da City That Care Forgot so let'x hope Gustav does too. But damn, just because I came to town doesn't mean all of y'all have to skiddoo like this...damn... You'd t'ink ol'Editilla had busted a pipe or some'ting.