Monday, September 29, 2008

Lundi ~Monday --don't let it bring'ya down ...jus'sayin...

Coming in October
~Reports from Reconstruction New Orleans

Pic of the Day ~ Pritania Waterline

Thoughts for the Day
~Our New Orleans Saints

Strawberry-Cream Cheese Coffee Cake~Serious Eats
~Editilla recapitulatas~We'jus tollin'yaz again... be careful...sometimes Monday ain't nuttin'ta play'wit!

~Dick Cheney (born on Monday) is the most influential and powerful man ever to hold the office of vice president. This special report examines Cheney's largely hidden and little-understood role in crafting policies on national security, the economy and the environment.

~Editilla Creeeepellas~He's out there. He has been Hiding Out there a loooong time...workin'da Inside. That's right. Workin. Da. Inside. He is New Old School. No'tella from'da Big Fella. The Fascist Groove Thang. Dicth Vader.

Jewish Federation Leads Campus Drive to Retain Grads

Have we no shame?
Race becomes issue in bailout ~slabbed

Residents: New Orleans razed homes without consent
~Some residents are asking a judge to hold the city of New Orleans in contempt for allegedly demolishing structurally sound houses without notice and failing to maintain an accurate demolition list, in violation of a consent decree.

Vocal Local Attorney's Home Ends Up On Demolition List ~Squandered Heritage
We here at Squandered Heritage are running out of steam.
The Demolition machine is out of control, telling people they have 1 hour to come get their belongings and then demolishing under the guise of Imminent Danger of Collapse.

People who evacuated for Gustav came home and found a Executive Order which was issued by the Mayor to “streamline” the process. Instead what it did was create a wave of unchecked and hostile demolitions.

Please write to your Counsil members and ask them to halt the process until Safety and Permits merges their databases.

Stacy Head
Jackie B. Clarkson
Arnie Fielkow
Shelley S. Midura
Cynthia Williard-Lewis
Cynthia H. Morrell
Ray Nagin
James Carter

Gasoline Shortages:
Our Inventory Problem
~Gail the Actuary

Pipe laying on the Energy Coast ~NODP
~Pipelines? You want pipelines?

Blackwater Midstream Agrees to Acquire 800,000 Barrel Port of New Orleans Storage Facility

This Week on Dan Rather reports from Congo
~where Freeport Copper (formerly ~ Freeport McMoRan) is engaged in wholesale buttfuggery and general predatory capitalist skulduggery. Photo: Irian Jaya Highlands, Indonesia,
by Scotty Grahm. Hat T'n'T~GN

Elevation grants come too late for some Road Home recipients

Food banks running low due to hurricanes

Insurers beginning to move into Louisiana

Restoring power to Port Fourchon crucial to industry

Fitch Rates Industrial Development Board of New Orleans Revs 'A' Underlying

Coast Guard picks local shipyard for billion dollar project

Use storm-water fees to fund Iowa flood control

Indiana Flood Victims May be Forgoing FEMA Aid
~Applications for emergency food stamps are outpacing those for federal disaster assistance more than 2-to-1 at recovery centers in flood-stricken northwest Indiana, officials say.

Everglades Restoration Stalled by Bureaucracy, Report Says

Monks stage quiet protest as world powers call for Burma reform~Women in bamboo hats, symbol of the National League for Democracy, gather outside the organisation's Rangoon headquarters to mark its 20th anniversary, as about 100 Buddhist monks in western Burma staged a peaceful protest march to mark the anniversary of last year's bloody crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators. Photo: AP.

Flooding Kills 41 in Vietnam

Storms force low-income residents to move
~Houma Courier

RBTT donates J$1 million to Gustav Hurricane Relief Fund

Blake's Blogging Brita!

My biker friend
~Tim's Nameless Blog

It's Called a Hurricane Fence for a Reason

Black Cultural Center arts ensembles to study New Orleans

Chopper City Boyz
Snipe: Wooow. My sound has one word, original.
You heard me?
Gar: Authentic fa’sho. Charismatic and demanding.

Goodness Gracious the Man is Everywhere!

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