Wednesday, October 1, 2008


ASCE Buttons Its Lips
~David Winkler'Schmit

ASCE in da'Toilet~Masqued E'vinga!
~Editilla Gambita'Compostas~
David, you Editillero!
~But more importantly you have opened up a few Pandora’s boxes with this story.
~~Chiefly that Tom Jackson is a past ASCE president, has done decades of Contract Consulting Engineering for the Corps, worked on the ERP –Medal Winner– AND sits on the Levee Board? The “Independent” Levee Board?
The one with my hero John Barry on it too?
I would really like to know what John Barry might think of this Schmedaling Back'Pedaling.
I mean the guy’s got rocks ya’know?
I have heard him interviewed many times.
Da'Man does his homework.
I have read all of his work (Rising Tide twice) and really think he may want to join this conversation about the Appearance of Conflict of Interest on the Levee Board.
Really, what is up wit'dat?
And this from the print article:
[The February 2007 award presentation took place in Washington, D.C., with each member of the ERP receiving the Corps' "Outstanding Civilian Service Medal." Four months later, in June 2007, the ERP, which was funded by the Corps at a cost of about $2 million, published its findings. The ASCE press release accompanying the ERP report first raised the public's ire because it stated that: more than half of the Katrina-related deaths would have occurred even if the levees hadn't breached.]
aaaalll Editilla's!)
I mean is this not such Blatant Hubris... if not just Patently Stupid? Is such ASCE'Kickin Gall not the crux of this hard biscuit?
Did We the People give these Lying Murderous Bastads FORKING MEDALS for LYING about their Lying Murderous Bastad Ways?
Who Is Paying For This Backhanded Bastad ASCE'fakiring? Da'Bastads...Da'Horrrra.
Elvis would say --wait, Elvis is Dead...right?
OK Editilla says: Go To Hell ASCECORPS!
We have already Bought The Ticket!

["We are simply asking all the ASCE award recipients to do the right thing and give them back," Sandy Rosenthal, founder of]
--To which this ASCE'Holer responds:
[Billy Edge, a professional engineer who served on the ASCE External Review Panel (ERP), says that HIS work with the ERP was completed by the time medals were bestowed.
He adds: "I wouldn't return it."
Ho Yeah? How about I come and Rip that Good- Gimp Monkey Bling Reward Off Your Chest?
Baby Edge got His Medal so Fuck The Rest Of Us?
Editilla's gotta Room in Hell for you, brutha...
--just you and me and The Devil Makes Three
Would you at least be so good as to refund,
to We The People, the Money spent to fly your Sorry Ass to Washington DC (and house it in a fine hotel with nice toilets) so we could then Payola You Off with a Freaky Medal for Covering Your Industry's Failure? Can you give us an idea how in hock we are for just having you around?
Et tu Limpido Phallous Punkus?
This selfish creepo actually teaches?
Oh God Help Us.

This is the Point, Gentle'rillas:
We Paid So Dearly To Get Flooded in 2005!
Sooo, now We Pay More To Get Flooded Again. And, We Get To Pay Extra To Sho'nuff Lyin' Bastads --So That We Can Get Bullshitted About Why We Continue To Get Flooded!
No wonda Our Country is worse than broke...
--ASCECORPS has Flushed Our Honor down da'Toiliet!

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