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FEMA deemed incompetent.
Also "nutty"~richard

New levee safety approach proposed~Mark Schleifstein
~The report also recommended that Congress address concerns by federal and state agencies and contractors that they will be held financially liable for the failure of levees they have built or inspected. Such protection is needed, the report said, "to prevent much-needed levee repairs, rehabilitation and certification from coming to a halt." (Emphasis mine)
~Editilla begs to diffa with that Corps line of reasoning and do not enjoy the implicit threat to public safety left hanging by the Corps of Engineers. They are basically saying: "We either build/engineer without independent Oversight or We Flood You To Hell". The Corps is still trying to run and hide from flooding New Orleans in '05 and flooding half of America with failing civil engineering infrastructures. Any engineer who signs their work is responsible for that work. Why would any of this engineering activity come "to a halt" due to threat of oversight? The Corps is only interested in covering their own sorry asses for their already copious Engineering Failures to date, particularly in over 50 locations in New Orleans on 8/29/05.
The Corps want their own Get Out of Jail Free Card.
Indeed, the costs into the TENS of BILLIONS of Tax Funding to implementing these Corps Recommendations which Mr. Schleifstein reports should be the real red zinger. The Corps of Engineers needs to join Shop'Aholics Annon (ShopAA).
The 8/29 Investigation Act requires only a fraction of this costs at around a cool $5 Million.
That is Chump Change in Col. Alvin Lee's Trousers.
~Comments and review by the Association of State Floodplain Managers (ASFPM)

LOOW Taking on the Army Corps
~Caitlin Murray

~“Well, let me send a message loudly and clearly to the Corps,” Niagara County Legislator Clyde Burmaster said. “This is not your government. This is the people’s government. ... To not include the public in the process is unforgivable and un-American.”

Some'say (?) New Orleans is poised to benefit from Obama's energy policies
~Rebecca Mowbray

~Editilla just wants these alleged editors at the TP to stop passing along hearsay from the some'says. We have had quite enough of these butthole commuendos thank you very much.
Some'say this some'say that some'say'some'say.

JFK Researchers Broaden Link To New Orleans Mafia Boss
~Carl Hartman

Jewdyssee - The return of Yiddish cabaret! ~Teruah

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