Thursday, January 22, 2009


Wendy Byrne's shooting case goes to adult court~Laura Maggi ~Wendy's 2nd Line ~Update: The second line for Wendy Byrne has been changed to 2pm. It is still on Saturday, starting at Starlight by the Park, in the 800 block of Rampart.
~While the probable-cause hearing in juvenile court was based on prosecutor questioning of homicide detectives, Cannizzaro said he needs to obtain investigative reports before making a formal charging decision. He has 120 days to evaluate the case.

Neighborhood Anti Crime Meeting Friday January 23rd.

Crime victims' fund often not tapped due to minimal effort by police, New Orleans council told

Updates on the Call for Charity,
Bringing Change Home
~We Could Be Famous

Live Online Now: Plight of Mid-City New Orleans Comes Before LA House Committee

Nowdy’s insurance believe-it -or-not~slabbed

Tonight's Punch Crunch~BBuzz

Twine noose found on chair at the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness
~Sonia Smith

Breaux Act Task Force looks for source of sediment on the lower Mississippi River
~Mark Schleifstein

Environmental review causing pump delay~Sheila Grissett

St. John the Baptist Parish Levee work must wait for years of more study by Exquisite Corps
~Victoria St. Martin

Army Corps says flood mitigation won't help one state and hurt another~Danielle Thomas
~A Hancock County supervisor says he feels the federal government is not doing enough to protect residents from the threat of storm surge.

Russel Honore among those on list for new FEMA chief
~Bruce Alpert

Three Things Congress (Yes, Congress) Must Do to Fix FEMA~Kelly Caldwell

Do You Know What It Means to Green New Orleans?

Cigar staffer sees hurricane's destruction firsthand
~The Good 5¢ Cigar

Michigan: Boy’s Louisiana Relatives Come for Him

John Biguenet and 'Shotgun'
From Playfest

First para- normal attraction to open in New Orleans
~Phantoms & Monsters

~The PARAPLEX is located throughout a completely remodeled, 14,000 square foot historic and haunted mansion built in the late 1800's as a private residence and later a funeral home.

Stuffed Miriliton's
~The Japanese Redneck

Night Peoples~Louis Maistros

Interview with Ned Sublette
~Thanks fo'da Food Music Justice

Tipitina's 31st Anniversary
~Jeffrey Dupuis

An Invitation To His Louisiana
Guitarist Sonny Landreth Reflects and Collaborates on 'From the Reach'
~Geoffrey Himes

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