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Corps Wants To Pump You Up!
Stuck on Stupid, Drunk on Itself,
surges ahead with own pumps plan of plans for cheaper, more comlicated and less effective (but stupider) Flood Risk
~Sheila Grissett

~Editilla Crowellas~ After all those plecebo'inkin meetings about reducing risk...
ASCECORPS is criminal in their abject blackmail engineering.
Delay Delay Delay, until the public is screaming terrified for flood protection and at the mercy of whatever Corps Design Flaws. Sound familiar??? Wake Up New Orleans.
They Tryin'ta Wash Us Away?

Thank you very much, Scheila Grissett. By staying on top of this ASCE'Buff you remind us all that we are New Orleans, Bad to the Mfkn Bone and we are not to be forked wit. This one is for you...

Floodwall builders can't be sued for Katrina failure on 17th Street Canal~Mark Schleifstein
~Editilla Notellas~
We have hung this article on through today, chiefly due to the 160 plus comments so far left rollicking in the wake of Schleifstein's Ace Beat.
We applaud such Editillero Gumshoe Vigilance.
It appears that he has struck a Nerve, regarding our Flood Safety, in the Body Politic of still raw-wounded yet alive New Orleans.
Another reason we carried forth this article post is because now, with their ass'ramming pumps above, we see the fruits of the Corps use of Alternative Public Relations Media to distract and misdirect the Public View from the actual engineering to the Marketing of Risk as well as simply muck-up whatever public discourse in the commons of our internets.
They deployed this strategy the day after their flood walls failed and flooded New Orleans. Remember? Remember how adamantly the ASCECORPS said "the flood walls were over-topped"? Remember when those flood walls in fact failed at the half-way level due to their own corrupt engineering? Remember?
Well, Witness How They Do It.

Schleifstein cuts through the recent surge of spin'filtered bullshit misdirection from local astro'turf bloggers and Corps engineers who fuck red herrings for sport, as well as heartbreaking betrayal of our Flood Safety from our darling local so'called "alt" news media: Gambit <--et tu'dat-- before the blood had even dried on the firing of herollero hurricane expert Dr. Ivor van Heerden by LSU, the deconstruction of the the Hurricane Center and its Director's Resignation in Protest.
Bad Gambit! No Soup For You!
We gave you 2 more issues to issue an apology for farting in the face of our flood safety. We tried nice. Now, no more nice.
You Suck, Gambit, like an empty Oyster, Nothing But Shell!
{Not You, our fav blog'0'friendo:
Big Molluski!}
Editilla understands the pursuit of happiness in
New Orleans,
but beneath all of that,
every Jazz Fest, every rotted instrument from the Corps of Destruction, every songless child floating over the river Styx, all of it everything and the Raven's NEVERMORE rests
or rests not the Soul of Our Saints behind the Actuality of Safety.
Having read Gambit for nearly 30 years, our heart brakes like hard rock candy on a sea of bloody tears no lie.

But Gambit's Feint Editorial Appeasement Pales beside the words of an actual NAE Study Committee member now publicly pining da'Corps' Meme of Marketing Risk (CoMoMR).
Dr. Moruea presents us with a weirdly familiar Fantasy Island where everyone thinks only of Risk. All the fey inhabitants play at contemplating Risk. Indeed, that is why they idly paid so much to come to The Island of Dr. Moreau!
They spend all day looking towards Risk and the Future of Risk --instead of the Crumbling Engineering at the foot of the disappearing coastlines of their own damn'nation.

With Every Word of the Exquisite Corps, they Market Risk.
Every single tax'paid public relations statement: Risk.
Never Safe Engineering. Never the word Safety, or Flood Safety, but always the word Risk. Pay no attention to all of this Broken Engineering. Think about Risk, amorphous, turism, proving the negative of odds-making with booky'numbers public relations.

This Dr. Moreau is an engineer himself, who happens to have also worked for the Corps of Engineers.
~"For 80 billion bucks you could do a lot of other things that might be a lot more beneficial than rebuilding levees or making them higher. You might be able to relocate people. You might be able to create jobs in areas that are substantially at less risk.
It requires some additional analysis that has not yet been publicly released.
It requires some additional analysis that has not yet been publicly released. It requires some additional analysis that has not yet been publicly released. It requires some additional analysis that has not yet been publicly released. It requires some additional analysis that has not yet been publicly released."
I thought this New NAE Study was supposed to move beyond exactly that type of conflict of interest? Perhaps Dr. Moreau's Mole Role in the NAE Study was more to represent, or shepherd
a competing school of Hurricane Surge Modeling?
It is unfortunate that such valuable toolery can be dragged into Mud Wrestling Funding Politics.
Now, with their firing of Dr. Ivor van Heerden and the Denuded Hurricane Center, it would appear that poor little backwater LSU has indeed Buckled under the heavyweights of conflicting academic interests. Geaux Tiger... meow.

Where in Hell will we ever find Independent Civil Engineers?
When in Hell will we ever find what happened on 8-29?

Thank you, Mr. Schleifstein for keeping our Focus on the Levees and Those Who Would Build Them Red Castles Made of Sand.
This one is for you, Mark Schleifstein. Sinn Féin
Where the Body of da'Goddess lays bare our vulnerabilities...
the Goddamned Exquisite Corps lies like a dog.
No wonder they are always Ass'Quacking about Risk!
It was the Corps of Engineers who built this ho'house of cards,
a "Hurricane Protection System In Name Only".
Can somebody do a cheap bumper sticker please:

Geologist a valuable voice on flood protection~H.J. Bosworth

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Child-Governor Jindal and Pork
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Students design hurricane gauge ~Amy Wold

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one in New Orleans

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