Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Landrieu Issues Letter requesting Pentagon to investigate Corps over possibly illegal forum postings
~Dominic Massa, WWLTV

~Editilla Quotellas Floatsom Jetson~"There is nothing more dangerous than a Lying Engineer... --because then all you have is The Word of a Liar."
Editilla wants everyone to have have the address above sooo... Yes We Can write our DOD Inspector General about this heinous violation of Federal Code and Our Public Commons by Our US Army Corps of Engineers. Please click pic to enlarge.
~Here is the Landrieu Letter pdf.
Just because many of our Ladder'rillas hail from all across this Nation, doesn't mean that we all don't have skin in the game here in the New Orleans District of the Exquisite Corps.
This is rather the point here. We Are All At Risk.
So please everyone write to this DOD Inspector General.
Please describe your own experiences with these vicious Corps Astro-turfer thugs. While you are at it, please carbon copy your elected Representatives. Like project engineering corruption, prostitution and gold-backed flies on a dead man's breath, these Bo'Intel'Pro Spinfiltraitors and OPP Marketing Whores aren't going away just because we have started finding the bodies.
But then, rest assured Gentle'rillas, neither are we, Sinn Féin!
And BTW... Can You Say OPP? Betta cover da'childrens' ears.

Corps of Engineers procedures a hindrance, state officials say
~Mark Schleifstein

~Editilla Notellas~ Thanks Big Schleif, for this great article.
Unfortunately it seems that the State's main concern now is how to Increase Corps of Engineers Participation in our Flood Control, while yer'ho'so humble Editilla believes that we should Decrease their Dark Shadows, that the Exquisite Corps should have a stakeholder driven through its preternatural heart, then rendered to tiny pieces spread across the country, cremated and dropped into The Outhouse of History to drown with all our Nation's other Failed Military Blunders. That is the only way to kill a Vampire.
Garret Graves may fret that we have no time to wait for the Corps to "reform". We believe the Corps should Get Out of the Business of Flood Protection In Name Only. We have no choice.
We already ride the Razor's Edge, it is time to cut to the chase.
Also~MR-GO case damages could exceed $1 billion

SLABBED welcomes Judge Susan Braden – Katrina’s Lady Justice gives MR-GO the go!

Cash for Clunker Levees
~World Class New Orleans

Tetra Tech Awarded $33 Million USACE Contract for Hurricane Protection in New Orleans
~Welt Online

Levee officials hope to take on coastal restoration projects
~Nikki Buskey

Katrina debris still a hazard in Lake Pontchartrain~Bill Capo

BR has contingency plan,
TV program to prep residents for any crisis ~Amy Wold

Finalists for New Orleans police monitor position to be interviewed today
~Brendan McCarthy

New Orleans tech vendor elaborates on being sued by
City Hall~Michelle Krupa

More proof that NPR has been bought-out by Velvetta

Stormy Daniels, Vitter, Child-Governor Jindal Weather Bad Week For Louisiana
~Stephen Sabludowsky

~After all, Stormy Daniels has always said that her life was an open book. Now, faced with a criminal charge, it would be the time for her to really open the cover. In possible contrast, “open book” certainly has not been in the David Vitter’s repertoire.
~Editilla Ho'tellas~Hell Y'all! Stormy's life is already open...
---damn well indeed Spread Eagle!

Rut'Row, no smoke fo'da poke!

Circle Food 4 Thought! Community Renewal Event
Kick-off Campaign to Re-Open the Circle Food Store
WHERE: Circle Food Store Parking lot
LOCATION: 1522 St. Bernard Ave.
WHEN: August 5 ~ TIME: 6:30pm

Will Wright in New Orleans: Perception Is Everything
~Virtual Worlds
~Game designer Will Wright addressed a crowd of nearly a thousand at SIGGRAPH this morning in the city's riverfront convention center.

The story of a New Orleans sign-painter: Artist Lester Carey
~NO Notes

Ithica, NY Concert to benefit New Orleans effort

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