Tuesday, August 4, 2009


"Truthout" Packs It In
with Anniversary Myth Spin
"Katrina-did-it to NOLA" Again!

~Editilla 4'tellas~
Here they come...
walking down the street,
we get the funniest looks from
everyone we meet...
Hey Hey We're The VICTIMS!
People say we Victim Around!
We're too busy being Victims...
---to put anybody down.

Do they know what it means...
--to Piss New Or Leans?

Mentally Ill Massively Masticate Mole'haired Moony Mytherfakir Magazine,
Attack With Tempest Still Raging
In Their Minds

NOLA Defenders from across the nation best Mytherfakirs

MR-GO lawsuit can go on,
judge says~Mark Schleifstein

~Court of Federal Claims Judge Susan Braden, appointed by President George W. Bush, refused to dismiss the lawsuit, which federal attorneys contended was filed too long after the six-year statute of limitations in such cases should have run its course.
But she also delayed bringing the case to trial until U.S. District Judge Stanwood Duval issues a ruling on a separate lawsuit charging that construction of the MR-GO was partly responsible for flood damage caused in both areas during Katrina.

MRGO lawsuit can move forward ~Mary Foster, AP

Survivors of St. Bernard flooding glad to have day in court over MRGO~Maya Rodriguez

Will Mr. Corps GO? ~Any Wold
~More information here.

Judge Walker orders ANOTHER settlement conference
in Politz v Nationwide ~slabbed

East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana, Awarded $3.8M in Recovery Grants~Insurance Journal

Crab fishermen face challenges during recession~Robert Zullo

Plan to raze Annunciation Catholic Church blocked
~Amber Sandoval-Griffin


~Editillaxicon'cons~ upon Phase-2.1 of da'Church
Real Estate Portfolio Re-allignment (REPR)
Phase 1 began with initial abandonment issues.
Phase 2 began with the Post Flood Evictions.
Phase 2.1 begins with the Demolitions.

New Orleans area gets together for Night Out Against Crime

Explosion In U.S. Louisiana Senate Race ~BBuzz

Wonkette Taitz'skin Contest!
~Heroic provider of truths Orly Taitz went on television’s MSNBC channel this afternoon to discuss her latest proof that Obama is black. Heavens to Betsy! This is too classic.
It must be performance art — Arianna Huffington applying a heavy spray-tan and a Marilyn Monroe wig, channeling her days as a Republican congressman’s wife.
“LEE-sten to me! LEE-sten LEE-sten, Tahm-ron!” Ha ha!
NOW THE IMPORTANT PART: Time for a photo contest!

Memories of New Orleans: "Neeew Orleans, Do-do, do-do" ~Ken LeRive

To Lexington (Miss.) and Back
~Preservation in Mississippi

SIGGRAPH Continues to Push Boundary
~Susan Ashworth

Really, where else can you find a studious discussion on pluripotent structures, coupled with demonstrations from a Japanese robot whose sole job is to fold your shirt?

NO Fringe 2009 sneak peek
~Noah Bonaparte Pais

Lovers of Louis Armstrong flock to Satchmo Summerfest

Big Easy on the Rocks,
Denver native brings big names
~Joshua Wolpe

RIAA breaks guitars, and music in general
~JazzL The Music of Unemployment

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