Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The Katrina flood was a man- made disaster, part XXIII
~John McQuaid

Is it just me? What part of Manmade or Survivors or FYYFF
do some stupid fuckmook dipshits Not Understand?

LSU developing new hurricane model~Jeremy Alford

World's Biggest Water Pump Under Construction In New Orleans, Would've Been Cooler Four Years Ago ~Gizmodo

New Orleans Rising
~Frances N. Tolentino

~The experience of New Orleans, on a broader sense, signifies mankind’s unfaltering hope that though life is at times unkind, it is most of the time benign and generous. After any devastation, there is always that hope of rehabilitation.

More Secrecy Afoot In Charity Hospital Controversy

~Recently, Louisiana and Obama Administration officials announced that special arbitration panels to resolve ongoing disputes between the state and FEMA over public words projects would be set up to begin hearings by the end of August. Further review of the principles guiding the rules of the arbitration system indicates a further erosion of stakeholder rights in the Charity Hospital controversy, expected to be the biggest dispute settled by the panels.

Health Care: Two Countries... Two Stories~Harry Shearer

New Orleans Neighborhood Housing Services to run $20 million home repair effort
~David Hammer

Plaquemines Parish shrimpers organize protest in Baton Rouge Tuesday`~Chris Kirkham

Dead zone forms near MR-GO rock barrier~Amy Wold

Well here is another nice mess you’ve gotten me into Part Deux
~Judge Senter lowers the boom on the topic of State Farm’s cancerous Katrina claims handling.
Slabbed Congratulates Henry and June Kuehn
~Editilla offers Congrooviations to'da Village of the Slabbed

Political parties trade attacks over Stanford~Bill Lodge
~Neither political party was polite. “Throughout his career, David Vitter has consistently voted to allow large financial conglomerates to run wild without oversight or regulation,” said Kevin Franck, press secretary for the state’s Democratic Party. “In what is just the latest example of David Vitter’s hypocrisy, it seems that he was against government oversight of the financial sector before he was for it,” Franck added.

Four Years after Katrina, New Orleans School Enrollment Rising~civilrights.org

Marijuana case management debate divides DA, judges ~Gwen Filosa

Hurricane Katrina Is Backdrop For Murder Mystery
~Katey Rich

New Hurricane Katrina documentary to be screened free this week in New Orleans, Arabi

Roosevelt’s La. bear hunt
~In “The Wilderness Warrior: Theodore Roosevelt and the Crusade for America,” Douglas Brinkley offers a mostly flattering portrait of Roosevelt’s foresight in setting aside huge tracts of public land as wilderness areas for future generations.
Roosevelt traveled widely, and Brinkley’s book takes readers along to the many places where TR enjoyed the great outdoors. One of those places, the swamp forests of East Carroll Parish where Roosevelt hunted for a black bear, is the setting for a kind of allegory about the brighter and darker angels of Roosevelt’s nature.
Not everyone was a fan of Roosevelt’s exploits in Louisiana. “Reports of Roosevelt’s bear hunt sickened Mark Twain,” Brinkley tells readers. “To Twain, the spectacle of the president, who was getting rounder by the day, trudging through the swamplands in a downpour to kill one of the last black bears in East Carroll Parish was pathetic.”

Journalista - the news weblog of The Comics Journal

Amanda Shaw moves to national stage while reminding audience of New Orleans’ needs
~Terry Rombeck

Ooh Ooh! Mac McAnally has a
New Album! Down By the River
~Blog Critics

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