Friday, September 25, 2009

Vendredi~ RIP Times-Picayune

Saving newspaper industry or saving journalism?~Jon Donley
~Editilla Axes and Rotellas~
Is gone'goning our Times-Picayune?

The realignment of that site by Advance Internet has denuded its News Content to mainly more ads with less and smaller words.
This new editor, O'Bryne, unlike the former founder and Editor in Chief, Jon Donley, seems to have No journalism experience, but lots in Online Sales like bloggy'cute "Online Content Providers".
And on that note: we tried to play it their way and navigate their ridiculous Social Networking Gauntlet to sign up for comments, but have forgotten our password and retrieving That has turned into a Kafka nightmare that we don't have time to figure out.
Oh, and has anyone tried to Cancel their Re-sign-in yet? Lookout.
~Jefferey at Library Chronicles put it more succinctly:
~I don't know what's actual business strategy looks like but my guess is that they're going after a niche audience similar to what most AM talk radio stations have owned for some time now. The highlighted headlines and photos tend to emphasize either sensational stories from the paper's crime reports or national political stories with a heavy red meat appeal to conservative commenters looking to tee off.
It's a ready-made template for building an audience to sell to advertisers but it doesn't make for the most constructive or thoughtful online community and it certainly doesn't make it easy to access the paper's content.

Rest assured we will try to follow what few of our favorite actual journalists are left at the Times-Picayune, but can go fork themselves because they are done, cooked, finished.
No Soup For Their Advertisers, steadily fewer eyes for their ads.
But of course this opens up a fresh base of customers to the online news media competition, ready-made looking for New Orleans Content that is about us. This is all about the hits. If you don't get the hits you don't get the MONEY. It's That Simple.

Jindal wants carbon bucks but bucks carbon regs. ~LaCoastPost

Late 20th Century Landcover Change in the Northern Gulf Coast ~USGS
Spatial analysis of Landsat data from 1970s to today will reveal the landscape-level impacts of hurricanes on coastal vegetation, from both short-term damages to long-term marsh loss and recovery. Please click to enlarge.

Corps awards stimulus contract to Texas company
~New Orleans City Business

~The New Orleans District of the Army Corps of Engineers has awarded a Cleburne, Texas, firm a $29,474,850 contract for the Baton Rouge to Gulf of Mexico Project.

What A Reasonable Request!

Brad Pitt: Electric bills in New Orleans 'green' homes average $35 a month~Liz Barrett

James Gill: Swirling around the Louisiana brain drain

Ex-HANO financial chief pleads guilty~Katy Reckdahl

Current inspector general acknowledges rift in office~WWL

Liprap's Lament - The Line
~There are many, many people in this town who will not like the analogy I am going to put forth on the nature of the mayor's race in this town and on how reluctant possible candidates are to even dip their toes into the brackish waters of a possible campaign here. But hey, since I am a fan, and have been since '86, it's my blog and I'm gonna do what I want...even if it means putting the notion out there that this town's nonstarting mayoral race is akin to the '62 Mets 120-game losing season.

And then there were 3~ Perry on New Orleans mayoral race
~Karen Dalton-Beninato

Nola FeMMES Do Your Part

Breaking news from the Sun Herald! Warr pleads, charges against wife dropped ~slabbed

Many in Miss. still lack homes after '05 storms~Rick Jervis

Michoud's future rests on Space Study~Bruce Alpert

Perdue pushes for Savannah harbor deepening ahead of Panama Canal expansion in 2014
~Russ Bynum

Corps defends flood operations in Georgia

Family History 101:
Old School vs. New School
~Ancestry Magazine

New Orleans Finally Gets Over Katrina Hangover

New Orleans micro farmer grows relationship with Whole Foods ~Stephen Maloney

Eight Great Street-Food Vendors in New Orleans
~Jaquiline Terrebonne

Festivals, fetes and fairs~WWL

Maple Leaf Bar Debuts Web Site
~New Orleans Music

New Orleans Film Fest shows Clarence Laughlin Documentary
~New Orleans Photo Alliance

As the temperature cools in Nola, the traveling musician scene heat ups~Alison Fensterstock

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