Thursday, September 24, 2009


Civil Engineering Brass Balls
~Editilla Herolleros Matt McBride for continuing to Step Up And Defend New Orleans by solidly bitch-slapping Nameless Corps of Engineers Astro-turfers--with their own Corps data! Hahahahahaha!
Nothing clarifies the mind like bad pumps during a hurricane, eh?
Editillos as well to NOLA-Dishu for opening the "discussion" with this fine post and Crescent City Ray for joining in the partay!
Engineers who can turn the screw?
~Welcome to the Editilla's BRASS BALLS Award!
We shall hang this award for Real Engineers who Defend NOLA.
While it is fitting for Matt McBride to be the first, we would be remiss to ignore the contributions of Maria Garzino, the Corps engineer who blew the whistle on our Bad Outfall Canal Pumps. The Lady's Got OVA. So we Award them both Brass Balls for Testicular Fortitude and Engineering Acumen.
That includes Crescent City Ray and H.J. Bosworth.
One of the biggest problems for me regarding the worst civil engineering failure in the history of our country, the Flood of New Orleans by the Corps of Engineers, is the incredulously small number of real engineers who have stepped into the face of industry intimidation to refute the Corps Lies.
These brave engineers stand to loose much given the Exquisite Corps of Engineers' contracting reach.

Corps of Engineers awards St. Bernard Parish levee contract~Bob Warren

Green Patriarch~Bruce Nolan

Jim Letten declines to investigate Robert Cerasoli's management ~Bruce Eggler

Senator David Vitter (R-Pamp) takes "Head In Ass" approach to Louisiana Coastal Restoration

~It was a juxtaposition that nicely captured the complicated politics of coastal restoration in Louisiana.
"It's a sad contrast,"
said Adam Kolton,
senior director for congressional and federal affairs for the National Wildlife Federation. Kolton was referring specifically to a couple of amendments Vitter, R-Pamp, had wanted to attach to the Senate Interior-Environment bill.
The amendments, which did not make it to the floor Wednesday, were intended to thwart efforts by the Environmental Protection Agency to develop regulations for carbon dioxide emissions.
One amendment would have prevented the EPA from writing those regulations until China and India have signed international agreements to make commensurate reductions in their carbon dioxide emissions. Unilateral action by the United States, Vitter argued, would cripple our economy.
But Kolton characterized Vitter as taking a "head-in-the-sand" approach to global warming, its potential for strengthening hurricanes, and the dire threat it poses to his home state.
"Louisiana is on the front lines of climate impact and this is a pro-hurricane amendment," said Kolton.
Kolton also said Vitter's stance hurts Louisiana's credibility in demanding federal help for coastal restoration efforts.

T-P Editorial: Iowa Congressman Steve King is heartless, ignorant bastard and proud of it
~NO Ladder Editilla'rial~ Allow us to rewind...
~Rep. King: "I’d say one of the best things (about being elected to Congress) is that the cream of the crop — and it isn’t all of the cream of the crop, but it’s some of the cream of the crop — comes to Washington, D.C., and that’s a very good thing. As we say in farm country, when you cull a herd, you kick those out; there’s hardly a cull in the bunch in Congress."
~Editilla eats an H-Bomb~That stands for Hate Bomb.
We Hate Creepy Legislators and the horse shit they rode in on.
What an arrogant Son of a Bitch who has No Idea what he reveals in his pusillanimous pontifications. The man likes his cream.
I mean, there are the assholes at the Exquisite Corps,
assholes in the media, assholes about New Orleans everywhere.
But then there are Special Assholes like this congressional anomaly who should be tarred and feathered in the public square, before we crucify them on the Neutral Ground and drag their sorry haunted souls to the river in chains. Grrrrrrrrr!
~Update from the Des Moines Register

Conference on coastal insurance issues.

Oh my God! State Farm files motion to compel New Light Baptist Church to supplement discovery ~slabbed

Louisiana far behind Florida on Property Insurance~Jim Brown

More than 14,000 flood-related claims filed in Atlanta area
~Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Why Is Water Being Released From Buford Dam?~Renee Starzyk
~LAKE LANIER, Ga. -- Those who use Lake Lanier are questioning why the Army Corps of Engineers continues to release water downstream when many are still dealing with the effects of devastating floods.

Peace Rally in Central City today
~Red Cotton, Gambit

FEMA to give millions to rebuild Hynes Elementary in Lakeview, build Holy Cross gym~Sarah Carr

Being Ugly For No Damn Reason ~Cliff's Crib

Oh Comma, Comma~Citizen K

Arbeit Macht Frei~Paul Perkins, who owns Louisiana Workforce, said the inmate escaped by climbing over a 10-foot fence enclosing the Savanne Road property.

Claiborne Ave. It’s a drive thru World~Squandered Heritage

Shabbat Of Unity In New Orleans

Volunteers in New Orleans Get Drenched, Remain Undaunted
~Kevin Daniels

What to do with bananas?
~Judy Walker

Pork Scratchings~Serious Eats

Nic Cage drops Green Hornet because of lack of acting skills

In Pursuit of Bo-Consciousness, Part 4~Home of the Groove


Anonymous said...

"These brave engineers stand to loose much given the Exquisite Corps of Engineers' contracting reach."

Someone has to nip at their heels - them sociopathic murderers of our elderly and bank fishermen.

I gotta wonder if they have reached me or not. Business has been really bad lately. I'm actually thinking about giving up my beloved business and getting a real job working for da man, but no one is even returning my calls. WTF. Like Ashton O'D kept shouting before they held his honest and brilliant but cussin lips under water: "Where is the FBI?"

Keep out from under da ladder. Maintain the struggle Editilla.

Demand the 8/29 investigation. These boys are out of control.


Editilla said...

Stick with it, Noble Mon.
That's why this Ladder is here, to rise above our damn'nation. Gas masks are optional.
You ever met these folks yet?
Americians for Civilizing Engineers?
I bet you already know one or two of them.
I wish I was good at writing Grants, so we could hire engineers like you to hang the Corps on a nail in the light of day.
If it wasn't for people like you and McBride, Maria Garzino and HJ Bosworth we'd all be good an truly forked ya'know?

Ima Wizer said...

You are the WatchDog, thank GODDESS! These editorials from you are bettern ever!

Anonymous said...

Gee, I can honestly say it's a first - and, I not only appreciate the praise but I also can't think of a better surrogate for the "medal of distinction" coming from the more colorfully vocal local NOLA populace.

Let me know if you need my mailing address...

A heartfelt thank you,

Maria Garzino

Editilla said...

Well what an Honor, Ms Garzino!
I am speechless with glee!
Yes I would love your mailing address, if you could email me from the profile.
I am so glad you enjoyed getting awarded Brass Balls.
You're the first!