Friday, November 20, 2009

Kenner City Council asks Corps for information about Garbage in substandard Levee
~Mary Sparacello

~The Kenner City Council asked Thursday that the Army Corps of Engineers disclose who allowed a section of Kenner lakefront levee to be raised with substandard material. "I want to know where that weak link is," said Councilwoman-at-Large Michele Branigan. "I want to make sure we're angry at the right people ...Because this just cannot happen again."
Enough construction debris was recently discovered buried in the top 2 to 2.5 feet of the levee between the Duncan Canal Pump Station and Williams Boulevard in Kenner that about 5,000 to 7,000 cubic yards of the levee must be removed and replaced with new clay. {Thanks youz fo'da Illustration, Masqued E'vinga!}
~Editilla Goz'intas~
Are we talking about an Extra 1400, 5-yard dump trucks like the one pictured, or 700,
10-yard double-axle trucks,
as above, on the streets?
But, regarding Paper Mache Trash Levees, we of Corps-flooded Orleans Parish would like to remind the Councilwoman-at-Large that, from the looks of the Corps' actions and reaction in Jefferson Parish IS happening again.

Corps Pays Times-Picayune for Editorial Alligator Tears
~Editilla Tearellas~ This is beyond Laughable, eh?

Corps allows public to mouf'talk on canal pump station plans
~Mark Schleifstein

Congressional leaders hear plea for Morganza~Nikki Buskey

New Technologies Repair Levees ~Phil Leggiere

Whoda’ thought it – Rooting out fraud and safeguarding taxpayers from illegal conduct are among the Justice Department’s highest priorities ~slabbed

In Katrina's Wake: Portraits of Loss from an Unnatural Disaster, Photography of Chris Jordan
~"This series, photographed in New Orleans in November and December of 2005, portrays the cost of Hurricane Katrina on a personal scale. Although the subjects are quite different from those in my earlier Intolerable Beauty series, this project is motivated by the same concerns about our runaway consumerism."~Special H/T and Thanks to Polly Jackson

~Humid Beings


Ima Wizer said...

I particularly like the term "mouf-talk".......Ha!!!!

Editilla said...

Thanks Mizza Wiza!
I first heard that term in New Orleans: "Yeah, I heah'ya mouf'talkin."