Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dimanche~Oh Yeah! 9-0 Baby! Who'dat?

Kenner levee 'compromised' by debris, Corps officials say
~Sheila Grissett

~Warning Dixclaimer Bat Signal~
Screen Shots of Expensive Flash Adverts from today's above and at right. Yes, they are real and the Irony galling...
--like the T-P/Corps would stick a Thump Up in our...eye.
Public Relations Media. It's the Newspeak Sensation!
Who needs Actual Journalists, when you can just Whore your news media out to the Corps' own whorish $5,000,000 Succubi Optimal Process Partners? This is your Brain...
on Dirty Acid, with Pitch'forked Eyes and Ice'Picked Ears.
Night of the Levee'ng Dead. Nightmare On Leake Street.

~So much construction debris has been found buried in the hurricane protection levee in front of Kenner's Pontchartrain Center that the top 2 to 2-1/2 feet of the earthen barrier must be removed and replaced before several million dollars worth of pending levee improvements can begin.
It was a cost-saving measure suggested by the contractor, who was doing the work at both corps sites, said corps section chief Brett Herr, who now supervises improvements to the East Jefferson levee system.
"I don't want people to read this and think the corps is building levees with landfill material," Herr said. "That isn't accurate."
~Editilla just has to step in here wit'a HO'YEAH?
Whoa! Good thing That Sucka didn't blow on 8/29/05, eh?
Who'dat? Who'dat? Who'dat say they Gonna Flood Them Saints?
The corps on Friday did not respond to requests for the names of the 2000-01 contractor and corps inspector on that job. Thank You, Ms Grissett! We know who Not to Axs!

Regional levee commissioner Tom Jackson,
an engineer, said he was stunned and troubled by the news.
"It's scary, and it makes me even more concerned that we could end up with levee system (features) that aren't built according to corps plans and specs,"
said Jackson, East Jefferson's appointee to the Southeast Louisiana Flood Protection Authority-East.
"There is no way to accurately predict the strength of the levee with that stuff in it. It definitely has to come out," he said. "And we may have to see if we have enough levee district personnel to put out on the levees to watch the watchers who're supposed to be making sure these things are properly built."

~Editilla Uuuhhhhmmbrellas~Sooooo...Boo'dat!
--how will the Next Mayor handle this Problem with the Exquisite Corps? Tune-in to see who Gets It -as when they do, that Mayoral Candidate will be all ova'yo New Orleans Ladder.
This is Serious Bid'ness, and we are Way Past Done Fucking Around with Political Ambiguity as regards our Flood Safety.

~Special Thanks FDL

Flood Control Infrastructure Contracts Keep Coming
~Defense Industry Daily

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