Saturday, November 14, 2009


'Leslie Jacobs for Mayor' launches Website, Facebook, Twitter platform sans 'Platform'
~~T'row Me Some'tin, Sista!

~Editilla Gotta Toll'ya... we toll'ya! hahaha~

I took one look at this woman and all sorts of Intuitive Bells and Whistles began popping off, the good kind, the right kind... like this time we may very well have a Real Chance for, I dare say, Change.
Suffice to say, Editilla is Tickled to Bits. Buuuttt...
Here's the deal: when President Obama finally came to town to pee down our legs and tell us it was Katrina, Editilla iced over, sadly jaded with Social Networking as a Platform for Change.
Been there, done that, and all we got are these email solicitations.
So let us hope that we will be seeing Real Plans here and not just another Fly'Paper Campaign against the last Chief Executive.
While she has Not Officially Declared Her Candidacy, opening a Twitter and Facebook Account unofficially assumes the position of publicly Bending Over and is saying to the world: "Kick Me".
I mean, this means she's fair game now right?
There is No Crying In Politics...RIGHT? Riiiiight... Let's Roll!
Soooo, despite Editilla's general fondness of Women Chief Execs --and the Idea of This One in Particular-- we are sorry to report there is No Information on these sites as yet, nada quiche capiche
--but they will be glad to take down your offer to help! What? Help What? We already know how to Costume, how to march... but where's the music? Where's the Band? The Forking Beef?
That dog just won't hunt wit'out no Game. Let's Get Some Game On da'Table before we join your little partay ok? As our minions of Valued Gentle'rillas hit her site, we register enough for now. But, when you place your name in the pile, you will leave much more than a simple demographic, you will be leaving a Marketing Base, something a bit more usable, but with no product to speak of offered in return. Hell, even the Barkers on Bourbon will give you a little story with da'Pitch or the kids down the block will show some Tap before they Rap fo'da money, the Cinch?
Let's hope her "Social Networking" "People" are quicker on the up-take than this, and will shortly step out of the way --so we can see what this Candidate Leslie Jacobs truly has on her mind for New Orleans before they ask us to join their 2nd Line.
I mean, you can put Lipstick on the Internet all you want...
--but that don'mean you can make it squeal like a pig!
All we have here right now is the Wrapping? Where's the Candy?
Ahem, yes, well.
But, of course we can Hope to Change that, eh, now that we know where to go to give Leslie Jacobs our Word? That's the Ticket!
Perhaps they are waiting for us to give her some ideas? Yeah!
Gentle'rillas have heard Editilla's, a Simple 2 Step Program:
~Safe Flood Walls/Flood Safety
~Re-store a New Charity Hospital
Given what we have seen thus far from the current ya'heard of peccary, what E has called the "Clown Car" of mayoral candidates, Mrs. Jacobs can easily, definitely, even defiantly stand on her own apart from these Bozos... she has already.
--but we need to see Who'dat Y'know--What Sayz Youz?
~~Let's go tell Leslie Jacobs Right Now! Yeah! That's da'Ticket!

The New Orleans City Admin. Run Amok~Clancy Dubos
~Things have come full circle on Ray Nagin.
In 2002, he cast himself as the anti-Morial, the squeaky-clean "businessman" who was going to sweep out the corruption of the previous administration.
After last Friday's 63-count corruption indictment against former city technology chief Greg Meffert — once Nagin's top aide and close friend — it's hard to distinguish our present mayor from his predecessor.

HIV/AIDS Housing Agencies to Receive Early Funding
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Mayor Ray Nagin planning December getaway to Mexico
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Soon Only Shiela Stroup Will Be Left Standing
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AVT said...

Thanks for the notice. We're super-excited about Leslie too! Don't worry, the construction folks will be out of the way soon enough. Keep an eye out next week. Please feel free to get in touch

Editilla said...

Well thanks youz, Andrew!
Editilla thinks it is already pretty spanking that Mrs. Jacobs seems so hip to connect with the local blog'0'sphere.
Rest assured, while a rising tide may float all boats, it surely takes the BS right on out for all to sea.
Watch Out!
Hehehehe... Editilla gettin'all Crypto'rella on'yaz!

I will say this, Leslie Jacobs offers herself as much more than just another Women Candidate --so let's get That Card outta'da way, shall we?
She offers a formidably accomplished and rounded local Person to run this City out of its crazy Post-Flood Chocolate Nightmare and into the future. That I can see right off the bat. But, from what I can find of her past actions, you may say one thing or another about Leslie Jacobs, but she don't fuck around, pardon my Gailic.
Editilla is sick of Boo'Rah. We cannot ReInvest in the City unless the Bad Levees are dealt with and we again have Charity Hospital to count on for our Real Health Care.
Charity and Levees, kinda rhymes.