Thursday, January 21, 2010


Haiti's mass graves swell
~The death toll is estimated at 200,000, according to Haitian government figures relayed by the European Commission, with 80,000 buried in mass graves. The commission now estimates 2 million homeless, up from 1.5 million, and says 250,000 are in need of urgent aid.
An Associated Press reporter counted 15 burial mounds at Clerzier's site, each covering a wide trench cut into the ground some 25 feet (8 meters) deep, and rising 15 feet (4.5 meters) into the air. At the larger mass grave, where Foultone Fequiert, 38, toiled, three earth-moving machines cut long trenches into the earth, readying them for more cadavers.
"I have seen so many children, so many children. I cannot sleep at night and, if I do, it is a constant nightmare," said Fequiert, his face covered with a T-shirt against the overwhelming stench.
The dead stick out at all angles from the mass graves — tall mounds of chalky dirt, the limbs of men, women and children frozen together in death. "I received 10,000 bodies yesterday alone," said Fequiert. Workers say they have no time to give the dead proper religious burials or follow pleas from the international community that bodies be buried in shallow graves from which loved ones might eventually retrieve them.

International rescue teams begin to pull out, leave Haiti to die

Gen. Honoré: Evacuate most vulnerable Haitians

Please Stop, Anderson.
Just STOP.~Michael Shaw

When the Media is the Disaster
~Rebecca Solnit

Guantanamo Prepares For Thousands Of Haitian Refugees

US Mercenaries Set Sights on Haiti~Jeremy Scahill

Joe Iurato does it again ...

Disasters by Damage Control or Risk Management?

Nagin administration moving millions in recovery money without public input
~Ariella Cohen, The Lens

The Morial Family Smacks Down Troy Henry ~Adrastos

Breaking News From Iokon's PollNOLA!~Nation of Morons

Coastal restoration effort moves into higher gear as West Bay diversion project on MS River to end~Mark Schleifstein

Environment America’s Report Includes Statistics On Toxic Discharge in Mississippi River ~NOLAFemmes

Oyster industry in D.C. fighting summer ban~Jeremy Alford

Mississippi Development Authority Details Latest Katrina Recovery Projects

Slabbed Thursday Music:
Hazard Mitigation 101

Air America Crashed

Cash Money Records Founders, Birdman & Slim, Launch Indie Oil Company~Miles Bennett

Cuba, Puerto Rico y ¡español! ~Lydia Gill
~The Crescent City is paying tribute to Cuban culture with the months-long “¡Sí Cuba!” initiative, a collaborative effort among New Orleans museums, universities, galleries and art organizations that will run from early January until late March.

La. State Fair ranked among top 50 fairs in the country

Live From NOMA:
Quintron and Miss Pussycat
~Noah Bonoparte Pais

What’s Better than New Orleans Music? Free New Orleans Music!

New Orleans does have the Blues
~Will Coviello

Rebirth Brass Band brings its life-giving sound to Seattle
~Andrew Gilbert

~Rebirth plays Neumo's on Saturday on a triple bill with Ivan Neville's Dumpstaphunk and the Staxx Brothers.

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