Tuesday, January 19, 2010

LaBranche Wetlands to get erosion control from old floodwall~Matt Scallan

St. Tammany hopes visit to levees encourages congressmen to help~Doug Mouton

Hurricane Ivor whips up the storm~Victor Noir

Welcome to SLABBED:
Louis Guirola, Jr. United States District Judge – Spansel v State Farm

MS Board Asking for Federal Money for Levees ~Adam Lynch

IL officials ask feds exactly what's wrong with their levees
~Terry Hillig

~The Southwestern Illinois Flood Prevention District, a local umbrella agency formed to tackle the problem, is pressing for answers and suggests it might enlist political pressure, or litigation, to get them.

CA cleaning up levees could cost billions: To meet standard, thousands of trees would be removed ~Alex Breitler

Scores of Md. watermen protest oyster proposals

Architecture for Humanity's Long-term Haiti Relief Plan

Climate Debt ~Aguanomics

Our City, Our Town – Finish Strong Or Brett, Who? ~NOLAFemmes

Deuce McAllister retires

Analysis: ‘Career politician’ not an epithet in N.O.
~Kevin McGill

~Leslie Jacobs, a former member of the New Orleans school board and the state education board who, like Murray, recently dropped out of the race, said polling data show New Orleans voters want someone with government experience. When they dropped out of the race, Jacobs and Murray each cited polls indicating a strong position in the race for Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu, a 49-year-old member of a prominent and popular political family who has held elective office for most of his adult life -- a career politician.
~Editilla Crowtellas~ I can't speak of Mr. Murray due to the Racial 3 Card Monte involved with a couple of the other black candidates and Murray's citing Race as his reason for quitting --not polls. I am disgusted by Poll Dancing campaigns.
Mrs. Jacobs offered so much in the initial "Idea" of her candidacy, yet to me she never actually Ran A Campaign.
Rather, Leslie Jacobs ran a Website, a Facebook page, slick Ads, Twits and Polls... but she never actually even attempted to get out there on the street and do Actual Campaigning.
That bothers me because I did like her most because of her relation to the founder of levees.org and y'all know where I come from wit'dat. She had brains, money, connections and personnel yet chose to keep it all up to her "Advisers" and "Manages", many of whom were simply to young to understand mayoral politics in this city. They had her folding before Mrs. Jacobs ever even played a single card, so much so you would think Landrieu was Dealing the Deck already. I do hope that should Mrs Jacobs make a Run for Council sometime, she will Actually Run the Gauntlet.

New Orleans population lower when derived from death data, professor says
~Danny Monteverde

~Editilla Uhm'brellas~ makes sense to me, since Death is after all the Existential Quantifier... right?

Group Sets Course
~Patrick Flanagan

~Delcambre—By passing the Oct. 17 property tax, Iberia Parish and Vermilion Parish voters enabled the commissioners of the Twin Parish Port of Delcambre to jump-start an initiative to revitalize the local economy with the launching of a direct marketing campaign and seafood retail Web site on May 1.

Keeping the faith: Area Katrina volunteers embark on annual trip~Tom Henry

Krewe du Vieux Announces its 2010 Theme: Fired Up!

Mardi Gras tableau
~Daily Comet

St. Peter Street Strutters
~Nic Jones

Mardi Gras through the experiences of Jazz musician, Big chief Donald Harrison Jr.
~Maria C. Montoya

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