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So noowww the Times-Picayune editors see a problem with Corps Floodwall Delays? Oh Shap!
Maybe they should not have Mixed their Paper Mache so thoroughly into those Corps floodwalls meetings.
Rather than the canary in a coal mine, this paper is more the addled parrot in the crows nest of a sinking ship.
Why, just ask Jarvis:
Jarvis DeBerry Sheds Alligator Tears for delayed floodwalls in East New Orleans

“Home” wins Best Documentary again! ~Levees.org

*Sinn Féin!

Managing water and flood protection for New Orleans:
A new paradigm
~Royal Netherlands Embassy

~The outcomes from the Dutch Dialogues 3 will be presented at a public forum during the American Planning Association's National Planning Conference form 10 a.m. @ noon on Sunday, April 11, at the Hilton Hotel, New Orleans.

Interactive Map of U.S. Population in the 100-Year Coastal Flood Hazard Area ~NOAA~Hat Tweet~ EDFLouisiana

Environment is key for ex-Saint
~Hat Tweet~GRN HealthyGulf

Excellent Data Base for Louisiana Coastal Wetlands

Bayou Manchac Mitigation Bank opens

Black Bayou Mitigation Bank Phase IV Now Online

Corps says it finds little bank erosion in Plaquemines Parish
~Amy Wold

Hurricane storm surge risk report points to south Florida damage potential
~Mark Schleifstein

~The most dangerous ZIP codes in the New Orleans area -- 70003 and 70005 in Metairie, each with a potential $2.3 billion in residential property damage -- rank 14th and 15th among those in the study. Northline Drive in Metairie, in ZIP code 70005, was photographed with about 3 feet of standing water on Sept. 6, 2005, a week after Hurricane Katrina.
~Editilla Notellas~Of course we covered this study on yesterday's Ladder, from an article on Corpus Christi.
But also, here's another take on this Surge Meme,
and here: Too-Big-to-Fall American Insurance Giant.
~Regarding the beautiful photograph above, I at first thought that was City Park, or near it. I spent a long afternoon during the Flood inside City Park. I have not written much about that scene.
It was deep, and dark and very still, unquiet water.
I really even now don't know how to describe those trees in the interior of the park. It was very much like that photograph in the way everything reflected what floated above with what lay below.
I saw things I cannot describe, and heard things I cannot repeat, save one sentence that kept sitting in my ears like a chant you can't get out of your head: "Broken Limbs Follow Broken Roots."
I heard this the whole time in the woods --but not after leaving,
over and over as I waded in, not a whisper or wail, a declaration.
I mean, people really shouldn't doubt that Editilla came about our broken sanity honestly, at least for the most part.

McKinsey consulted with State Farm on Xactware estimates following Katrina – Schafer v State Farm ~slabbed

Vicksburg, MS acquires former useless Flabship Towboat from Corps of Engineers
~Editilla schwwwwwi'nolas~
I know that readers may wonder (to put it nicely) about my visceral hatred for the Exquixotic Corps and their fuckmook minions. I do not do this for fun. But this is the criminal gang who flooded my city, almost killed me and killed a few of my friends.
These are the same assholes who look us right in the eye while they drown the baby in the bywater.
But then there is this stuff ya'jus can't make up!
They are unloading the Mississippi MV IV since they have the "newer" model, the Huger and Mo'Expensive MV Mississippi V.
since they don't actually use USGS flow data, they don't even know the current levels of the very river they have ruined from their own failed flood control policies, they were unable drive their poor Flabship towboat to a Public Relations Function upstream of the bridges in St Louis during the Corps Midwest Flood of '08! And Batter My Butt, She is a Behemoth!
Bwhahahaha... I ain't makin' this stuff up!
I am angry that these creep murderers can get away with this shit while our levees are still Leaking, not "seeping", not "bubbling", LEAKING! Yet, this goddamned hugemungous thingfish boat is too large to navigate the river during flood season! Hahaha!
This would be funny if it weren't so...ostentatious and actually too large for effective towing as well, as the channel is nowhere wide enough for the size tows that Thing is built to push.
I have built towboats and barges for a living. So while I can certainly appreciate the Yacht'see Staterooms and excellent boat-building, I have to tell you: commercial shipping doesn't fuck around with vessels this size for obvious reasons of operating costs. Too big for just the couple of barges that the Corps pushes,
this Fat Lady Flabship is just Bling'in Expeeeensive PR!
But that's the Corps, eh? All they use it for is Public Relations.
Looks reeeal impressive to ride around (where it can fit), and show up in the largest towboat in the nation, if not the world.
One can only wonder how much the Corps stuck it to Vickburg for the previous model of this worthless piece of tax-fraud?
The Corps sure has its funding priorities square there, huh?
Not enough funding for adequate flood protection --yet enough to keep this Ho'float until you unload it on some small river town that had the happenstance to become a District HQ. What'say the next "Get To Know The Corps" meeting be held in Congress with the 8/29 Investigation?

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize and Stay on the King's Highway
~Riverside Nola

~Are we not men?

Marva Wright to lie in state at Gallier Hall on Today

Calypso music event launches Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Invoking Ireland - the Sound of Avoca ~WWOZ

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