Thursday, June 10, 2010

President Obama should put someone 'with guts' in charge of Gulf oil spill cleanup, says Pres Billy Nungesser

Team says much more oil may have flowed from well
~kate_sheppard Today's HOLY CRAP moment: If 50,000 barrels/day figure is right, that's 2.1 million gallons per day, or 109 million since this began. #BP
~Editilla @kate_sheppard Yep. I'd say that rates a FYYFF. #BP #oilspill #oilcano #nola

On our slow road to Hell ~American Zombie

Community impacts of the Gulf Coast BP oil spill~Michael Herz, The Working Waterfront

RE: Common Usage
~Walter Pierce
~In every way, the spill is a disaster because of people.

P&J Oyster Co. to halt shucking due to Gulf oil spill

Most oil-struck birds, marine life die uncounted~Environment prof updates his Encyclopedia of Earth daily
~Ducks Unlimited Reports Gulf Coast Marshes Losing Ability to Support Waterfowl, Study Says
~Petroleum resistance in marsh plants

Define Responsible~Bayou Child

Citizen Groups To Use Clean Water Act To Ensure BP Cleanup

The CEO and the Admiral
~Horatio Algeranon

On the Gulf Coast, Media Access Can Be Hard to Come By
~ABC Reporter Matt Gutman Questioned During Video Chat on Alabama Beach
~NYT: Efforts to Limit the Flow of Spill News
~But Ivor van Heerden has Press, "OVERSTATED"!

BP / Gulf Oil Spill - June 7 and June 9, 2010 ~SkyTruth
~Here are MODIS/Terra satellite images of the Gulf from June 7 and June 9. The image taken June 7 shows slick and sheen across an area of 9,075 square miles (23,504 km 2). A large dark area west of the slick may be a low-wind area within the generally bright belt of sunglint west of the Mississippi Delta. There may be slicks or sheen obscured by this low-wind region

Coastal advocates say spill could spur restoration

~State reopens some fishing grounds previously closed due to BP oil spill
~Jean-Michel Cousteau, Troy Aikman, and Drew Bledsoe Hold Press Conference in Louisiana to Endorse Breakthrough Technology to Help Clean Up BP Oil Spill

Trusting the Army Corps of Engineers?~Sandy Rosenthal


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The CEO and the Admiral

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