Friday, July 16, 2010

BP buying up Gulf scientists for legal defense, newspaper alleges~John Kelly
~BP buys up Gulf scientists for legal defense, roiling academic community ~Bob Raines,
~But! But! What Would Ivor Say?? WWIS???

Film Screening: Harry Shearer's "The Big Un-Easy"
~Now that Harry's Producer has completely fucked the shark on the timing of this premier, we might as well pick on Ivor van Heerden, a star and the new BP Scientist Poster Child!
~Oh Snap!
Now Ivor van Heerden is an Oil Drilling Expert!
~His take is that the fix took so long because it required extremely difficult engineering, taking place a mile below the surface. “They had to fully research the problem; the integrity of the remaining riser; the structural integrity of the ocean bottom above the oil deposit; and then design a structure that would be multifaceted and allow complete closure but also the ability to bleed off oil if needed.” He describes the capping as “a real plus.” He also thinks the oiling of the Louisiana coastline would have been far worse already if they hadn’t been managing the outflow of fresh water from the Mississippi River to combat it.
“But the river is now down, and the potential for serious oiling over a larger area exists. So far we have 63 miles of coastline impacted by heavy oiling."
~Editilla Bull Shits-a-wella~Is this fucking punk'smurf idiot kidding us?
What a mouthpiece! What a suck my bile BP mouthpiece! Judas fuck me.
Why is this former hurricane hero turning himself into a BP PR Suck Mouth?
Harry Shearer needs to understand that Editilla isn't among the Rising Tide Blogger-Club Corps'mouth/Creme suck'ass krewe. There is simply too much more than a freaky TV Show going down here.
We will not allow Ivor van Heerden to use this latest man-made disaster to market himself on the previous man-made disaster. We just don't play nice with NOLA. Van Heerden can fucking starve as far as we and every other lost Bayou Child is concerned! I mean, fuck this bitch. Whatever the Hell he thinks he's doing has nothing to do with the decimation of Louisiana culture does it? Ivor van Heerden is All BP ALL THE TIME!
If Editilla could describe the level of betrayal that this son of a bitch is heaping on the state of Louisana I would, but words frankly escape even me! I have but this to say: Yeah let's get this opportunistic prick his job back advising young students! Yes, let's have this BP Spokesperson teaching our future coastal scientists!
Yes, let us walk ourselves into Dante's 9th Inferno behind Ivor van Heerden?
Yes let us put a gun in our mouth and blow our brains away for BP!
Let's get real here: Ivor van Heerden is selling out Louisana, right?

Fishing and Hunting of small birds and animals on Lousiana Plate still good

Why BP is the Anti-Katrina
~Editilla Notellas~This is a dated article though somewhat timely?

Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries reports latest numbers on oil-impacted birds, turtles, dolphins

Little Freddie King's 70th b-day party and more music for the week of July 16... not that it matters or anything...


Horatio Algeranon said...

Ivor van Heerden on why it took so long to shut off the flow:

"They had a structure that would be multifaceted and allow complete closure but also the ability to bleed off oil if needed.”

Presumably nothing at all like what is pictured here

Those things on the sides might look like valves -- but don't be fooled. It's highly doubtful that they would (or even could) "bleed off oil if needed".

Horatio Algeranon said...

Ivor van Heerden on why it took so long “They [BP] had to fully research the problem..."

That must be why BP insisted that knowing the actual flow rate was not important...and why they kept outside scientists in the dark on the flow rate and other aspects of the disaster as well ...

Gulf Oil Spill: Scientists Beg For A Chance To Take Basic Measurements (July 6, by Dan Froomkin)

Ira Leifer (scientist at Marine Science Institute of the University of California, Santa Barbara and member of the federal government flow rate group):

"the lack of accurate information has taken its toll, he said. If BP had properly understood what was going on 5,000 feet below the surface, it never would have attempted to stop it with a "top hat." And had they realized the pressure from the oil reserves was beyond the threshold for "top kill" they wouldn't have wasted time on that, either.

"We could have effective containment systems available now, if we'd had the measurements," he said."

//end of Ira Leifer quotes

But then again, van Heerden almost certainly knows more about this stuff than Leifer, whose university bio page says he does a lot of totally irrelevant stuff

"Research Description:The chemical and physical evolution of oil slicks, quantifying oil and gas emissions from natural seeps and leaking wells, bubble chemico-hydrodynamics, turbulence, gas transfer, and fluid dynamics from breaking waves, hydrocarbon and fluid subsurface migration"