Monday, July 12, 2010

In Gulf Spill Area, Reporters Face 'Security' Hurdles ~NPR

BP Commission highlights need for 8/29 Commission~Sandy Rosenthal

Another Katrina Myth Busted...
--by Science~Harry Shearer

Presidential commission to meet today
~ HealthyGulf Will Obama's commission on BP's oil drilling disaster investigate the impacts dispersants are having on the Gulf?

The BP Blame Game~Kate Sheppard

Army Engineers Defend Gulf Response

Sea turtle egg evacuations begin along oiled Gulf of Mexico~The effort began in earnest along Florida's Panhandle, with two loggerhead nests excavated. Up to 800 more nests across Alabama and Florida beaches will be dug up in the coming months in an attempt to move some 70,000 eggs to safety. They are being transported to a warehouse at Florida's Kennedy Space Center where they will incubate and, hopefully, hatch before being released into the Atlantic Ocean.

Lake Pontchartrain monitored
~Bob Anderson

Crews install experimental new oil barrier in parts of Lake Borgne

How we got stuck with BP

48 Days 2 Year 5:
A Photographic Journey

Send good wishes to Lionel Ferbos for his 99th birthday

Jazz fans bent out of shape by statue's damage at Armstrong Park

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