Monday, July 26, 2010

State and local leaders divided over federal disaster declaration
~Brendan Kirby
~Some local elected leaders have suggested that their constituents would benefit if President Barack Obama formally designated states hit by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill as federal disaster areas.
Under the law, however, the president cannot make such a declaration unless a governor asks him to. Todd Stacy, a spokesman for Riley, said state officials determined shortly after the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig exploded in April that the resulting spill would be governed by the Oil Pollution Act of 1990.
"A natural disaster is an act of God. Nobody is responsible. There is a responsible party here," he said. "This is a manmade disaster. ... The Stafford Act does not apply to the Deepwater Horizon incident."

Gulf Co. officials face conflicts over BP spill

Local leaders concerned BP could scale back response~WWL

Culture clash: Flood of BP Oil Spill cleanup workers creates tension in some coastal Louisiana towns
~The women of Grand Isle are nervous.
Used to be, they say, they could walk the streets of their beachside town alone, getting a little exercise after the hottest part of the day or setting out the trash after midnight.
Now, a waitress won't let her 14-year-old daughter stroll to the store for a Coke, a souvenir shop owner is afraid to sit on her porch after dark and a bartender deadbolts her door, a newly purchased gun nearby.

BP Oil Spill is discouraging travel to Louisiana, study says

BP Tries To Block Release Of Oil Spill Research~"Setting aside any good intentions, the idea of being affiliated with BP was not a good thing," said Joe Griffitt, a scientist at the Gulf Coast Research Marine Lab at the University of Southern Mississippi, who initially signed a deal with BP, then changed his mind.
In the end, each side will try to get as many experts on their team as possible, removing knowledge from the public domain, said Mark Davis, director of the Institute on Water Resources Law and Policy at Tulane Law School in New Orleans. "That's not wrong. Those are the rules of the game," he said.
"It's the survival of a company, the survival of a crucial industry is at stake in a vital market area. This is serious business."

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BP's tree fell on my lawn~Roger Ebert

CNN's Documentary on Gulf Oil Cleanup Shows Workers Wearing No Respirators

Oil Spill Flow Has Stopped, but Berm Controversy Rages On ~Ben Sandmel

Here comes Dudley! Can he Do Right?
~Dudley, poised to become the first American head of the former U.K. state oil company, will need to convince politicians BP should be allowed to keep drilling in the U.S. after a runaway well in the Gulf of Mexico caused the country’s worst oil spill.
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Barges on their way back to the Rigolets

Oil Drum Beat

The First Step to Recovery...
~American Zombie

Slabbin' Monday

After dam failure, Iowa's nine-mile-long Lake Delhi is gone

34 Days 2 Year 5:
A Photographic Journey

Tab Benoit coming to New Orleans!

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