Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Waste Management bringing oil spill waste to MS landfills Uhmmuh Hello?

Vitter Blasts EPA, NOAA, Corps Over Bureaucratic Delays
~Inside Louisiana News

~Dear Administrator Lubchenco, Administrator Jackson, and Colonel Lee:
I write to express my strong and ever growing frustration with yet another example of the faceless bureaucratic mindset of our federal agencies when it comes to protecting the Louisiana coast versus a solutions-oriented approach. On June 7th Jefferson Parish requested a permit for the emplacement of temporary rock dikes in the Barataria Bay passes as a defensive measure against oil intrusion into the bay. As of late last week expectations were that this project would receive the go-ahead from the Corps of Engineers.
Appropriately, BP moved forward and procured $16 million in rocks, which are currently sitting in Barataria Bay on roughly 40 barges. However, yesterday the Corps denied the permit request.

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Coastal Cowboy said...

That's alright pardner. Besides haulin' them earl balls to Peecan Grove BP is also using River Birch. But that's OK cause they are poisonin' us by sprayin' that damn dispersant on us so it don't matter where the boys dump them damn earl balls huh.

Out here on the Ponderosa we call this a bonafide clusterfuck.