Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ivor van Heerden downplays Gulf oil spill damage in BP PR Video
~Mark Schleifstein

~Editilla grabs a Rat Fink and shakes'em until they STFU~
~just 1 of our comments on this hard article by Big Schleif:
This is pretty devastating to his case for Academic Integrity I'd say. This ugly PR Video makes me wonder if BP didn't hire him for his expertise as much as to further disgrace Any Scientific Assessment of this man-made disaster. In other words, BP was not interested in Van Heerden's so-called Shore Assessment, but in making him a bobble-head sock puppet, parading him around their PR Net like some Vermillion Candidate. The larger damage Van Heerden is providing here lies in the lies... the entire scientific community, just as with the so-called tobacco studies, has been taken down a notch in veracity and efficacy.
Van Heerden's true job here for BP seems to be to spread the Scientific Ambiguity.

If Van Heerden were "For Louisiana" he would be working "FOR LOUISIANA" and not doing cotton candy PR Propaganda Videos for our enemy BP.
Who wants to bet me that Van Heerden does indeed get a job at LSU, but only working for BP in the new Research Dept they are setting up to "study oil spills"? How darkly ironic on the eve of our 5th Anniversary of the Federal Flood of NO 8/29/05 that one of the greatest "heroes" of that man-made disaster is now Sucking Tar Balls for the Perps of this even greater Man-made Disaster. This hurts in words that I can scarcely describe. I will ask this of anyone who supports this self-aggrandizing opportunist's return to LSU: "What was that again?"
~There is this from the Wounded Bird. Thank God we ain't alone here!

~And Editilla gotta add here: it says a lot for the depth of his betrayal that this traitor gets to speak to the Press at all (as in the lede below) yet The Press is restricted to 65 feet away from ANYTHING involving this criminally negligent ecocide. Once BP has succeeded in supplanting our First Amendment Rights to Freedom of the Press, they must replace the Truth with The Story, enter Ivor van Heerden: one of the most famous story tellers of Man-Made Disaster!
See, it isn't enough to Censor the Truth, but then you have to Replace the Truth with this Faux-Scientific Public Relations, this Jello-Truth. Perhaps we are witnessing the birth of a new Eponymous Snigglet: Getting Ivor-ed to Death!
~Oh Snap! Mo'Ivor Mo'Da Time! Vote this man a job or someting!

~What Is Ivor van Heerden Saying Now? Everything but what he was hired for?
~How bad was the view from the air? "It was truly impressive. Some of the slicks are huge - one we looked at was 10 miles by 2 miles, about a mile off the coast. If something like that came ashore it would be devastating."
"Obviously BP, or Transocean are at fault since it's their equipment that failed. Whether it was malfunction of equipment or human error, they are ultimately responsible. But we Americans share a fair amount of the blame.
Most of us are in denial about the whole energy situation in this country so it is our fault as much as anyone else's."

~Editilla Panictillas~Pay no attention to the man behind the needle bit....
Fuck Cassandra, as did most of the gods, poor Ivor is Jailhouse Punk Polyana!
No Ivor, WRONG. Bad Science! What side of Hubris did you wake up on?
We Americans do not share a "fair amount" of the blame for this negligent homicide. You Do, every time you Peep for the Perps. Victimize somebody else!
Fuck You and the Fallacy of Equivalency you rode in on. Polly wants a Cracker!

~But! But!!! WTFWIS: What The Fuck Would Ivor Say???~

World Wide BP Protest Day July 10 ~NOLAFemmes

Calling on all Perfomance Artists, Top This: Art Performance Protest in London: Licence to Spill
~Plutonian Mac

Cap Removed From Gushing Well, Oil Flows Freely


Demeur said...

They can blather all they want about how non harmfull and non toxic this spill is but the facts say otherwise. With fishermen pulling dead fish from the Gulf and dead animals everywhere the truth speaks louder than any of their BS.

Plutonian Mac said...

Hey Editilla, check out my new Plutonian Mac post of some bold actions in London against BP:

Editilla said...

Yer'On, Mon.
Rocks da'Plutonian Mac!