Friday, November 26, 2010

Pilgrimage to the Past
~Odd Bits of Life in New Orleans

~We should all set a place for our ancestors and feed the children from that plate.

Scientists, drilling experts say BP valued speed over safety in oil rig disaster

West Bank pump station is big enough despite reductions, study says
~Paul Rioux

Corps searches for quality dirt in Raceland to build levees
~Nikki Buskey

The Newer Meanings of Black Friday… sentimental thoughts
~Disenfranchised Citizen

INLAND: Gulf resident’s November blood test shows ethylbenzene levels HIGHER than cleanup workers tested in August~Florida Oil Spill Law

E-mails show struggle to guess size of Gulf spill~Larry Margasak

Enviro-group “One Mississippi” puts focus on the river~Matt Kelly

~Editilla Crowtellas~"Your photographs always look like paintings to me at first, and they have this distinct quality that says Quinta Scott Was Here, Really."

Small Price to Pay for the Smiting of One’s Enemies ~moosedenied

If the Turkey didn’t put you to sleep
~Dainikat, Sky Dancing

5 Urban Farms Reshaping the Food World in New Orleans
~Michael Levenston

Foreign demand aids pecan farms
~Koran Addo

4th annual New Orleans Middle East Film Festival to start off with a -- laugh?
~Mike Scott

NEW ORLEANS: What Can't Be Lost
~Octavia Books

~The eighty-eight stories and traditions in New Orleans: What Can't Be Lost are the piano keys in a love song to the city. Alongside Christopher Porché West's alluring black-and-white photographs, New Orleans' culture bearers pay tribute to the city they call home.

Ruffins and Ward, Trombone Shorty, Bonerama and more music for Nov. 26

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