Wednesday, November 24, 2010

"We Are A Nation In Mourning"
~New Zealand~Family members after they had been told that a second explosion in the Pike River Coal Mines that they didn't expect any of the 29 miners and contractors trapped underground would be found alive. Photo / NZPA

Tarballs close 4,200 square miles of Gulf of Mexico to fishing for royal red shrimp ~Mark Schleifstein

Water system shutdown was caused by broken interior tubing in boiler at power plant~Michelle Krupa

New Orleans still working to fix real estate computer crash~Bruce Eggler

New Orleans still lacks affordable housing for its poorest people, report says~Katy Reckdahl

Sheriff convinces jail group to back off of demolitions~Matt Davis, The Lens

Who dat service announcement
~Hungry Termite

Professor believes most spilled oil settled on ocean floor~Sarah Owen

Project Gulf Impact: “Scientists Paid To Cover Up Toxic Dispersant”
~Florida Oil Spill Law

New Gulf oil spill claim rules announced by Ken Feinberg

$14 Billion Dollars Returned to BP, Feinberg Estimates
~Disenfranchised Citizen

Giving thank~bayougirl

Dueling Turkeys

Teachers Respond to 'Waiting for Superman' ~Kristina Rizga

The Case of the Angola 3: A Review of the New Film "In The Land of the Free"

Granny tells the story of an hour
~Poke Salad Granny

The Lighthouse on Camp St.
~Fig Street Studio

Christmas specials — on local stages
~Kevin Allman, Gambit

NOLA History: Home for the Holidays via Train~GO NOLA
~Also~5 Things to do on Thanksgiving in New Orleans (That Have Nothing to do With Turkeys)

Thanksgiving is Coming: Side Swiped
~Blackened Out

Judy Walker's Favorite New Orleans Thanksgiving recipes

A ‘Top Chef’ Turns Up the Heat to Draw Support for Gulf Seafood
~Louisiana Seafood News

NPR affiliate WWNO-FM expands its slate of local programming

Tom Waits Releasing Poetry Book Titled 'Hard Ground' ~Nick Neyland

Tuba, Tuba, Tuba!

Andrew Lamb Trio: New Orleans Suite ~Jazztimes

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