Monday, January 31, 2011

Bywater park shut down after group finds high levels of lead ~WWL
~Also~Downtown seeing increase in residents, businesses

Landowners suing to stop Corps of Engineers from dredging private canal
~The Louisiana Record

Top 10 Things You Should Know This Week~Humid Beings

Edwards birthday bash will be roast in New Orleans~Defend New Orleans

USA v O’Dwyer – Ashton files Appellee Brief with 5th Circuit ~slabbed

Racketeering trial to open for ex-New Orleans lawmaker

Which is worse? Selling organs in your opponent's crazy political ad? Or...
~Library Chronicles

WGNO hires anchors with unconventional backgrounds to staff unconventional new show
~Dave Walker

For bayou Indians, spill threatens a way of life~Cain Burdeaux

Bow to BP: Feds will cut estimate of size of oil ‘spill’ according to EPA source~Florida Oil Spill Law

Kenneth Graham: Aided Gulf oil spill response with crucial round-the-clock weather forecasts

Chevron Corp.'s post-moratorium profit rose 72% in fourth-quarter as other US Corporations earnings surged

Anupam Mishra: The ancient ingenuity of water harvesting~Watershed NOLA

"Deferred maintenance" proves costly for water infrastructure
~Minnesota disaster leads to testing of county bridges
~Sacramento infrastructure needs replacement, repairs

Potentially historic winter storm poised to impact 100 million Americans
~Jeff Masters, Wunderblog

New Orleanians With Strong Ties to Egypt Gripped By Uprising

Baquet's photographs showcase a 'New Orleans no more'

Costumes from the Comic Con
~Alex Woodward, Gambit

The Anachronistic World of Steampunk Art series opens with a film, concert and art show at Zeitgeist

Thunder Cheese vs. Better Cheddar in a ceramic super bowl death match
~Blackened Out

Artist-in-residence Spencer Bohren will lecture at ULM

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