Friday, February 4, 2011

Feinberg’s Latest ‘Ludicrous’ Scheme for Final Payment

The GCCF Methodology…experts, experts and more experts, paid for by BP~Disenfranchised Citizen

"Independence" day
~Library Chronicles

A Hybrid?~American Zombie

Editilla feelin' like a...
~"Ready", acrylic on canvas, 12 x 12" $250 ~Polly Jackson

Bloomberg Examines Louisiana’s Laissez-Faire Oil Regulators

More oil drilling rigs are in Gulf of Mexico than before BP oil spill~Senate shoots down attempt to end set of oil industry tax breaks

EBR largest parish in La., N.O. shrinks
~East Baton Rouge is now Louisiana’s most-populous parish with a population of 440,171, overtaking Orleans and Jefferson parishes, according to U.S. Census Bureau data released Thursday.
~Editilla says well fuck yous~ Baton Rouge ain't nothing but a Petro- Chemical Industry Brothel. Ain't a whole lot else to DO in BR, really, come on.

City Council President Asks Army Corps of Engineers for Adequate Dredging of Mississippi River

~ the Pun~Hot Fucking Damn! RT @ Hey, DC tweeps, I'm speaking at the Natl Press Club March 14. Tix:

Pin the Fail on the Donkey
~Jereymy Alford, Gambit

Neither rain nor cold (nor politics) stopped Judge Berrigan – Paul Rioux reports on “The Tour” ~slabbed

~ Jamison Foser~ It's been a while since I mentioned Haley Barbour had a "fascination" w/ raising foreign $ while @ RNC:

First Amendment Friday (or thank you Dan Snyder for giving me a posting topic...)~Doc, First Draft
~Hat Tweet~@liprap and @Adrastosno

Hurricane Tape – A public service announcement~Riverside NOLA

Magic Street, because “prestidigitation” was too long~Karen Gadbois, The Lens
~Editilla paralaxitellas~ We'd love to see a street named Mxyzptlk St.

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner (Seriously)~Blackened Out
~ Pelican Publishing~ RT by BlackenedOut~ Hey, ! CAFE DEGAS COOKBOOK signing tonight at Where Y'Art? at NOMA. Museum stays open til 9 pm tonight.

Drew Brees brings the funny (or die)

Another Two Parade Weekend: Ladies & Men Of Unity and Treme Sidewalk Steppers~Red Cotton

krewedelusion Fundraiser Featuring "The Big Uneasy" Tonight!
~Screening of "The Big Uneasy" Directed by Le King-at-Large & Captain of New Orleans Harry Shearer.

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