Friday, January 28, 2011

It's one thing to learn how to fly....

City of Lafitte aims to sue U.S. Army Corps of

Oil Spill Health Study~KLFY
~Acadiana~ Elevated levels of dangerous chemicals found in the crude oil from the Deep Water Horizon is now being found in our blood.
Wilma Subra has been testing water and soil samples in Acadiana four for decades and what she sees in this latest study concerns her. A blood study that was conducted on four males ages 3 to 43 and one female age 38 in December of last year. Subra says the results of those tests have revealed elevated levels of six toxic and potentially life threatening chemicals associated with crude oil, most notably Ethylbenzene which has been linked to kidney damage and cancer.
~Hat Tweet~Florida Oil Spill Law

Promises and Dead Ends…Feinberg’s Congressional Theatre
~Disenfranchised Citizen

Shell application for deepwater exploration in the Gulf of Mexico takes step forward~Jonathan Tilove
~Oil Judge defends decision to deny the government a separate track in oil spill litigation

Scientists pitch coastal projects for parishes~Nikki Buskey

Nucor gets DEQ permits
~Amy Wold, Skip Descant

The Most Difficult Job in LA Politics: David Vitter's Communications Director ~CenLamar

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners picks Mississippi Commish Mike Chaney to chair its Property and Casualty Insurance Committee. Now we’re truly f*cked ~slabbed

Louisiana crawfish are too small to trap, thanks to cold weather

New Orleans Comic Con offers full day of fun for sci-fi fans and the stars they love

crowns~the hungry termite
~A friend of mine asked me if i would paint a canvas with a crown on it.

I Wish I Was a Headlight on a Northbound Train ~Citizen K

Weekend Roundup~Blackened Out

Yo La Tengo, Big Freedia, and more music for this week
~Alison Fensterstock

Saturday and Sunday second line parades~Red Cotton, Gambit

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