Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My State of the Union…
~Disenfranchised Citizen
~My fellow Americans…
I come before you today to say that the era of rationality is dead.
What do I mean? Simple… Being rational has led to hundreds of thousands foreclosed homes. Being rational has led to the hyper-inflated salary of Brian Monihan, CEO of Bank of America. Being rational has led to crumbling infrastructures, the failings of the levees in New Orleans and the abandonment of Charity Hospital in favor of a huge medical complex that takes even more of your money and destroys entire neighborhoods. Being rational has led to the privatization of water supplies, the destruction of health care, your schools and local business. Being rational has led to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Poor infrastructure fails America, civil engineers report. Levees get a 'D' grade
~State of Transportation is 'weak,' engineers say

Where in the World is Chris Rose?
~Humid Beings

Strike Against Crime
~Silence Is Violence

Streetcar service along Rampart, St. Claude is getting a green light

Air-monitoring tests in Grand Bois

Is Looting After A Disaster Ever “OK”?
~Dolores M. Bernal

6th Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival

GCC to host Batavia-Bayou event

SGIA is spicing up 2011 N.O. Expo

new work... ~artbymags
~the piece at right is my first attempt at doing a cat. my cat, specifically. sticker is his name, but my friend nita calls him mr. toes because he’s one of those hemingway cats (polydactyl) with extra toes all over the place. he has big mitten feet, and he’s a tubby, not very coordinated, princessy feline with a lot of character. i love him dearly. it was challenging trying to get a good one-color stencil that captures his unique look, but i think i pulled it off. after shooting about a hundred photos of him, i found one that worked well as a stencil, even though it didn’t include his funny feet.

The Paris Dispatches: New Year's Eve ~Blackened Out

Norwegian choir with ties to NOLA

2nd Line Against Crime and 2011 Comic Con highlight the week ahead

New Orleans Survival Kit~GONOLA

Another member of New Orleans' music family, Curtis Mitchell, dies
~Louisiana Weekly

Orbiting Sun Ra~Gambit

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