Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hey Newsweek! FY.....eehhh ~~American Zombie
~Editilla Notellas~ We don't usually paste an entire post, but this one really set my opening Mardi Gras weekend into gear! Thanks Zombie!

They don't even deserve the full's fucking Newsweek. They've become even more redundant than...well....never mind.

America's Dying Cities

I'm actually going to lift my FB post on this one as I don't think much of anything Newsweek says deserves too much attention:

A dying magazine in a dying empire proclaims New Orleans the #1 dying city in America. A note to Newsweek...this city is no stranger to death, in fact we celebrate it. We were here before this country was born and we will be here after it's gone....and Newsweek probably won't be here by this time next year.
That pretty much says it all. Oh...and I'm not really sure I'm happy we're being called an American city. I haven't felt too American since Katrina and I certainly don't feel like I'm dying.

It's Mardi Gras season in my town....what's going on in your shitty suburb? Coach Payton?

Not long ago on Slabbed, Longshanks said the American people were in reality slaves…

PAR warns against redistricting abuses
~Naomi Martin, The Lens

Lawmakers meet to discuss New Orleans-area districts~WWL

Really, Obama? No tax breaks for claimants? ~Disenfranchised Citizen

BP knew of problems, but left them unattended before Gulf oil well blowout, new report says

U.S. wants to sell oil stored in faltering Louisiana cavern

Spillway spillover will aid restoration
~Using the Bonnet Carré Spillway flood-control structure for coastal marsh restoration has been a topic of discussion for years, but now the first steps are being taken to put that water to use. Above, sediment 3rd day of opening in '08.

Judge dismisses levee lawsuit against FEMA by Alexandria and Pineville

The Angel waits for Saint Ann to begin
with her masque made of sorrows
and her laugh made of sin.

A Camellia in the Quarter
~Blackened Out

New Orleans chefs and restaurants named James Beard semi-finalists

notes from old metry
~the hungry termite

The Prettiest Tree in the Forest: Oak
~Ne Said/She Said NOLA

Carnival Reflections, Or, Mardi Gras In New Orleans Is The Last Bastion Of Civilization On Earth And Not Just A Bunch Of Chicks Flashing Their Breasts For Beads (Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That)~Pontchartrain Pete

New Orleans Comedy Arts Festival and Showcase at La Nuit Comedy Theater (Photo Feature)~Uptown Messenger

5 Questions with New Orleans trombonist Glen David Andrews

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