Friday, February 18, 2011

Our View: In Louisiana, the risk of flooding is everywhere
~The Town Talk

~Retweet @~On my way to London Avenue Canal breach site (east) on Warrington to assess possible locations for Historic Plaque.

Own a Home, But Not the Land?
~The energy-efficient homes of the Make It Right Foundation stand out on the landscape, their contemporary designs contrasting with weed-filled empty lots. There are approximately 5,000 lots in the community, some with homes and some without, according to Patricia Jones, executive director of the Lower 9th Ward Neighborhood Empowerment Network Association. To repopulate the 9th Ward and bring the dream of home ownership to those who wouldn’t otherwise qualify to buy a home, Jones’ organization is partnering with the Greater New Orleans Foundation to establish a community land trust. Under the trust, a person can purchase a home, but the land underneath the structure would be leased from the trust.
But some longtime residents oppose the project, saying that the Lower 9th Ward has no need for anything other than traditional home ownership. And, the Holy Cross section of the community would seem to support this. While he had come to appreciate the community land trust concept, Willie Calhoun of the New Life Intracoastal Community Development Corporation feels “’s not in the benefit of this community. If you have children, would you recommend that they buy but don’t own the land?” he asked. Calhoun and others in the community argue that since property values are currently so low in the Lower 9th Ward — lots can be had for as little as $8,000 — it makes no sense for someone to buy a home for $100,000 and not to own the land it stands on.

Sheriff’s eyes bigger than inmates’ bellies~Matt Davis, The Lens

New Orleans police officer had the tools of a predator~Jarvis DeBerry

A Wisconsin Conversation…
~Disenfranchised Citizen

Report blames BP~Gerard Shields

For New Orleans artist, the human body is his canvas

Playing Hooky (Sung to the Tune of Makin Whoopee)~Blackened Out

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