Monday, April 11, 2011

Before the Flood, More New Orleans Residents Had Flood Insurance Than the Rest of the Nation
~Sandy Rosenthal

The grand delusion--“The levees will protect me.”~Keith Magill
~One of the dumbest things an otherwise-smart person can do is fail to buy flood insurance. But more than half of Terrebonne and Lafourche residents have made that choice —at their own peril.

Japan to reconstruct instead of restore

Feral chickens have proliferated in N.O. since 2005 Corps of Engineers Flood

~Wild chickens roam the streets of many downtown neighborhoods!
More chicken:
Our best chicken recipes | N.O. best fried chicken
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Woke up one morning, saw a rooster strutting by my house
~Library Chronicles
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Relief groups are gutting, rebuilding homes found with Chinese drywall
~Hurricane relief organizations whose volunteers built or repaired hundreds of damaged houses after Hurricane Katrina have found they installed toxic Chinese drywall in more than 200 buildings, requiring hundreds of low-income families to move out for months while the houses are gutted anew and rebuilt.

U.S. Sen. David Vitter to feds: Don't grant Louisiana more support for Charity successor~In his letter, Vitter advocates first for gutting Charity Hospital down to its frame and limestone shell, then building anew within the old structure. That's the same option that historic preservation groups and several advocates for the poor have pushed since Hurricane Katrina. The second option, Vitter said, is to build a new hospital with a lower bed count and smaller footprint.~Also

Sometimes, Doing Things Right Doesn’t Help~The G Bitch Spot

Old Universal Furniture store morphs into "community healing center"

The Silicon Bayou, a Phoenix Rising
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Oil Spill Cleanup~Officials disagree about pace, effectiveness of efforts one year after millions of gallons of oil poured into Gulf.~The work is not living up to the $100 million advertising campaign BP is running about “make it right,” said Garrett Graves, “I think they’re trying to ‘make it right’ to shareholders.”

~Hat Tweet @ Capt. John Swallow~ RT @: I don't care what anyone says, those guys are jerks. RT @ Damn U BP!

Locals air continuing worries on BP Oil Spill's health effects
~Naomi King
~Paul Doom was one of several who gave their testimonies on the lawn of Dr. Mike Robichaux, a Raceland ear, nose and throat doctor who is seeing a trend of symptoms in his patients, especially those who have worked on or in the Gulf of Mexico since the spill a year ago. Of the more than 100 people at the gathering, about 20 to 25 people are suffering from suspected oil-related illnesses, according to Robichaux. Many more are sick but scared to speak out or seek medical help, he said. Doom, a 22-year-old from Navarre, Fla., once bound for the Marines, swam in the Gulf this summer and now has up to 15 seizures daily. He suffers vertigo and headaches and is confined to a wheelchair after suffering what doctors believe was a stroke. His mother, father and brother, who live 700 feet from the Gulf of Mexico, also have higher blood pressure, heart rates and levels of chemicals found in oil in their blood, said his mother, Kathryn Doom, an intensive-care nurse. They're all on detox herbs and medicines.“No one can tell me why I was paralyzed and why I have lesions on my brain,” Paul Doom said.

How to ensure coastal restoration…
~Disenfranchised Citizen

New Orleans Earth Day Festival 2011!
~Thanks to our friends at WORKagencies for making this beauty happen! If you don’t know about them, WORKagencies is a talented brother/sister design team from Lafayette who do it all (Web design, logos, CD packaging, etc.) with a style that’s fun, hip and celebrates South Louisiana.
Be on the lookout for their New Orleans Earth Day Festival poster all across the city. And at the festival, be sure to check out the booth for their side project: Parish Ink.

Monday Music: Gone but never forgotten ~slabbed

French Quarter Fest 2011 Recap: Sunday~He Said/ She Said NOLA

Patois Film Festival~Humid Beings

River of Love: Susan Cowsill at French Quarter Fest~Karen Dalton-Beninato

Napoleon Ave
Gargoyle perched above
Sending his silent message
Find your happy place

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